2017 Sim500 Sunday Series
Sim500 Cup 17S3

Season Standings

2017 Sim500 Sunday Series
Sim500 Cup 17S3
Sim500 Cup Series Sim500 Cup 17S3 Sunday Series Practice: 7:40 PM EST Qualifying: 9:00 PM EST Race: 9:10 PM EST Series Requirement of Oval Class D 2.0 Sim500 would like to welcome you to Segment 3 of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. We will be using the iRacing A-fixed setups for the Chevrolet SS, Toyota Camry and Ford Fusion NASCAR Cup cars. The 2016 NASCAR Cup points system and chase will be in effect with no drop weeks. This series has been broken down into three 10 race segments with the top eight drivers in points from segments one and two advancing to the playoffs in segment three. This is The Chase segmant. 16 drivers have qualified. The series Champion will be presented a Championship Trophy at the end of segment number three. This is a FREE Series to join! Series Admin : Mike Kelley

Driver Standings Race-by-Race Standings

Positions set by Most Total Points
Pos Chg Driver Starts Prov Races
Wins T-
Laps Incs Beh
1-Mike Kelley1001307103,0331,00001,06015--
2-1Anthony M Calantoni100130373,0321,00001,05220-1-1
3-2Jimmie North81120033,0290074347-4-3
4-3Chad Coleman90120573,0211,000077822-12-8
5+1Jammes Sombke100120012,0971,000092942-936-924
6+1Louis Robinett100120112,0961,000082766-937-1
7-2EJ ORourke90112562,0881,000-2576322-945-8
8-Scott Formosa6080152,0361,000051216-997-52
9-Glenn Campbell91110031,6761,000064940-1,357-360
10-Brian Wertman6290031,6440065412-1,389-32
11-Kris Gibeau7190131,6140049321-1,419-30
12-Jordan Hightower1130011,5001,00001200-1,533-114
13-KC Duncan8080011,1981,000055428-1,835-302
14-Jose Gonzalez1120001,01700225-2,016-181
15-1David Comstock0110001,0000000-2,033-17
15-1Marcus Napier0110001,0000000-2,033-
17-Mark Jorgensen Jr9096883470099911-2,686-653
18-Scott Simley100100252840080921-2,749-63
19+1Jonathan Lockhart100100022700086946-2,763-14
20-1Joey Gattina100100022640073225-2,769-6
21-Chad Cole7070572550070521-2,778-9
22-Joe Hudson8080012070063040-2,826-48
22+1Nick Thames7070032070067527-2,826-
24+1Allyn Alphonse7070001530038129-2,880-54
24+2Josh Parker4041341530044020-2,880-
26-2Dylan Phillips6060001370037227-2,896-16
27-Thomas J George303033114003004-2,919-23
28+5Stefan Marinak303012920029416-2,941-22
29-1Mark Fravert404000880026322-2,945-4
30-1Byron Daley20212282001802-2,951-6
31-1Rodney Wofford303001760016412-2,957-6
32+4Justin Fuller303000710016814-2,962-5
33-2Robert Gillenwater20200268002554-2,965-3
34-2Mark Bratcher303000640020614-2,969-4
35+6Bobby Terrell20201158001284-2,975-6
36+10James McKee2202001570017810-2,976-1
37-4Allen McEwen20200156001994-2,977-1
38-3Brian V Macklin303000520011511-2,981-4
38+15Michael Priester20201152001164-2,981-
40-3Matt LaCross202000480016311-2,985-4
41-3Matt Hummel20200043001136-2,990-5
42-3Richard DeLeRee20200041001514-2,992-2
42-3Garrett Robinson20200041005812-2,992-
44-2James A Mullins101011360010012-2,997-5
45-2Cody Welker1010013200600-3,001-4
46-2Robert Pruett101001310010011-3,002-1
47-2Parker Kligerman1010002600884-3,007-5
48-2Sean Boundy1010002300376-3,010-3
48-2Jonathan Dickert1010002300818-3,010-
50-1David Boden10100022006510-3,011-1
51-1Dan Lafoe1010002100314-3,012-1
52-1Adam Gilliland1010001900370-3,014-2
53-Stove Price Jr1010001800274-3,015-1
54-2Adam Benefiel1010001700314-3,016-1
55-Dawson Brock1010001500154-3,018-2