The OBRL Monday Night ARCA / Gen 4 Series introduces good old fashion stock car racing and if you love old time racing then this series is for you. Alternating each season Between the Arca Series Car and the Gen 4 Cup Car The series features longer races, typically 100-120 laps in length compared to the iRacing series counterpart with dynamic weather to allow drivers to experience close wheel to wheel racing with an emphasis on race strategy. The races typically finish with many cars pushing for position right to the checkered flag. The Series again places an emphasis on drivers practicing good race-craft skills. The ARCA Series is the equivalent to the Nascar iRacing National Series, and Gen 4 Cup .
Event / TrackRace
1May 20, 20248:00 PM9:05 PM90 LapsJoshua A Robinson27
2May 27, 20248:00 PM9:05 PM120 LapsWayne Hufford25
3Jun 3, 20248:00 PM9:05 PM120 LapsJoshua A Robinson27
4Jun 10, 20248:00 PM9:05 PM110 LapsJoshua A Robinson21
5Jun 17, 20248:00 PM9:05 PM120 LapsJoshua A Robinson26
6Jun 24, 20248:00 PM9:05 PM85 LapsJoshua A Robinson19
7Jul 1, 20248:00 PM9:05 PM110 LapsJoshua A Robinson22
 Jul 7, 2024  
Chase Start: Top 8 drivers
8Jul 8, 20248:00 PM9:05 PM120 LapsDaniel B Hill27
9Jul 15, 20248:00 PM9:05 PM150 LapsThomas Ogle18
10Jul 22, 20248:00 PM9:05 PM120 LapsJoshua A Robinson15
Times are US/Eastern