Another year down and another year started, and Kiwi Sim Racing is still here! We kick off 2024 with one of the most recognisable brands in all of motorsport - Ferrari. We are taking the newly released Ferrari 296 GT3 car through it's paces in 2024, to see if Ferrari still has 'it'. This car is the first big change from Ferrari in the GT class in a number of years, featuring it's first V6 in a road car since the 70's. Lets see how it holds up to a field of Kiwi Sim Racing drivers thrashing it about! To Join the league, you can find us either on the member website under leagues, or in the UI, under leagues, as 'Kiwi Sim Racing'. If that does not work, our League ID is 6915. You should then be able to apply for the league. If you are not accepted within 24 Hours, please message myself (Bull) as sometimes join requests do not come through. Cars Available: Ferrari 296 GT3 Schedule: [16/01] - Round 1 - Daytona International Speedway - Road Course [23/01] - Round 2 - Motorland Aragon - Grand Prix [30/01] - Round 3 - Circuit Zandvoort - Grand Prix [06/02] - Round 4 - Sebring International Raceway - International [13/02] - Round 5 - Autodromo Nazionale Monza - GP without first chicane Format: - 15 Minute Open Qualifying Session - 3x 15 Minute Heat Races - 1st Heat, gridded by Qualifying - 2nd Heat, gridded by Race 1 result with top 8 invert - 3rd Heat, gridded by Race 2 result with top 14 invert Number Reservations: If you would like to reserve a number to use for this series, please reply to this thread with your iRacing name and which number you wish to reserve. Prizes: 1x $20 iRacing Gift Card - Randomly drawn between any driver/s that complete a minimum of four rounds 1st, 2nd, 3rd place trophies Points: 75 74 73 72 71 70 ... so on Rules: - Standard iRacing Rules - Local Yellow Flags - Rolling Start - 18x Penalty, 35x DQ - Kiwi Sim Racing's Racing Rules - Voice Comm's - Discord is heavily encouraged for all communications during the night - Kiwi Sim Racing Discord Invite Link - Fixed Setup - If the vehicle has a fixed setup for the track we are using, we will use this set. Otherwise, we will be using the iRacing Baseline - (Where required the fuel level may be increased to ensure enough fuel in feature race) Race Night Schedule: [19:35] - Session Goes Live [20:10] - Drivers Briefing [20:15] - Qualifying [20:30] - Racing Commences
CarEvent / TrackRace
00:00Ewan BakerNo
9 LapsMatthew Pluck2Yes
9 LapsRobert Henry5Yes
00:00Ewan BakerNo
8 LapsGrant CrowYes
8 LapsDylan JordanYes
0h 13mHayden KirkNo
0h 14mEwan BakerNo
0h 13mBen Doughty2No