Kiwi Sim Racing
NZiRL 18: Fast Four
NZiRL 18: Fast Four

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Kiwi Sim Racing
NZiRL 18: Fast Four
NZiRL 18: Fast Four
We trade in our Toyota GR86 Production cars to get some wind in our hair again as we return to open wheel racing. The Formula 4 has proven to be a very popular class worldwide, and one of the closest fought Formula classes around. Finding the mix of using the aero grip, being aggressive but also looking after the car, will be a challenging balance to achieve which will attribute to success in this series. To Join the league, you can find us either on the member website under leagues, or in the UI, under leagues, as 'Kiwi Sim Racing'. If that does not work, our League ID is 6915. You should then be able to apply for the league. If you are not accepted within 24 Hours, please message myself (Bull) as sometimes join requests do not come through. Cars Available: iRacing Formula iR-04 Schedule: [28/03] - Round 1 - Circuit Gilles Villeneuve [04/04] - Round 2 - Circuit de Barcelona Catalunya - Grand Prix [11/04] - Round 3 - Rudskogen Motorsenter [18/04] - Round 4 - Fuji International Speedway - Grand Prix [25/04] - Round 5 - Autodromo Nazionale Monza - Grand Prix [02/05] - Round 6 - Long Beach Street Circuit Format: - 15 Minute Open Qualifying Session - 2x 20 Minute Sprint Races - 1st 20 Minute Sprint Race based on Qualifying Grid - 2nd 20 Minute Sprint Race based off Sprint Race 1 Result - Top 12 of Sprint Race reverse grid Number Reservations: If you would like to reserve a number to use for this series, please reply to this thread with your iRacing name and which number you wish to reserve. Prizes: 1x $20 iRacing Gift Card - Randomly drawn between any driver/s that complete all six rounds 1st, 2nd, 3rd place trophies Points: 75 74 73 72 71 70 ... so on Rules: - Standard iRacing Rules - Local Yellow Flags - Standing Start - 20x Penalty, 30x DQ - Kiwi Sim Racing's Racing Rules - Voice Comm's - Discord is heavily encouraged for all communications during the night - Kiwi Sim Racing Discord Invite Link - Fixed Setup - If the vehicle has a fixed setup for the track we are using, we will use this set. Otherwise, we will be using the iRacing Baseline - (Where required the fuel level may be increased to ensure enough fuel in feature race) Race Night Schedule: [19:35] - Session Goes Live [20:10] - Drivers Briefing [20:15] - Qualifying [20:30] - Racing Commences
CarEvent / TrackRace
13 LapsJulian Kleinbussink27Ewan Baker08:00
13 LapsBrad Markson24Brad Markson08:00
12 LapsMatt Mccutcheon26Ewan Baker08:00
12 LapsEwan Baker23Hayden Kirk08:00
0h 21mJulian Kleinbussink21Sam J Waddell04:00
16 LapsJulian Kleinbussink23Ewan Baker08:00
12 LapsJulian Kleinbussink22Erik Roelofs08:00
00:00Ewan Baker23Ewan Baker04:00
00:00Ewan Baker16Ewan Baker04:00
11 LapsChristian Hermansen216Sam J Waddell08:00
15 LapsEwan Baker16Julian Kleinbussink08:00
00:00Ewan Baker16Robert Henry504:00
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