OBRL Xfinity Grand National Series
Metro Ford Xfinity Grand National Series 2021

Season Schedule

OBRL Xfinity Grand National Series
Metro Ford Xfinity Grand National Series 2021
The i40media Grand National Series prepares you for the Old Bastards Racing League premier Metro Ford Cup series. The schedule is 35 races in 40 weeks with races 50% in length of the real Nascar Xfinity Races, featuring superb oval racing, nice sized fields with an all around great experience. Featuring fixed setups and dynamic weather. This series features very close and competitive racing for experienced oval racers. Arrive and drive while experiencing close action packed racing with a lot of side by side racing. Races are longer than the iRacing series counterpart with 60% fuel, making for pit stops and planning race strategy. Series places an emphasis on drivers practicing good race-craft skills. . If you love racing in nasty, touchy and powerful machines, then try your hand in this series, it surely will prepare you for the Metro Cup Series. Apply at https://obrl.net/app
Event / TrackRace
1Feb 11, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM74 LapsMike Schrader27
2Feb 18, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM100 LapsThomas Ogle27
3Feb 25, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM90 LapsSteven Thomson27
4Mar 4, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM120 LapsJoshua A Robinson26
5Mar 11, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM120 LapsEddie Jones25
6Mar 18, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM97 LapsThomas Ogle24
 Mar 25, 2021   
Off Week
 Apr 1, 2021   
Off Week
7Apr 8, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM150 LapsSteven Thomson20
 Apr 15, 2021   
Off Week
8Apr 22, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM68 LapsDwayne Mcarthur28
 Apr 29, 2021   
Off Week
9May 6, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM88 LapsDwayne Mcarthur20
10May 13, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM120 LapsEric Essary21
11May 20, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM30 LapsThomas Ogle13
12May 27, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM120 LapsEddie Jones22
13Jun 3, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM120 LapsDwayne Mcarthur19
14Jun 10, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM120 LapsJoshua A Robinson24
15Jun 17, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM135 LapsThomas Ogle24
16Jun 24, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM60 LapsSteven Thomson25
17Jul 1, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM120 LapsDwayne Mcarthur24
18Jul 8, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM98 LapsThomas Ogle21
19Jul 15, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM120 LapsThomas Ogle19
 Jul 22, 2021   
Off Week
20Jul 29, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM80 LapsJoshua A Robinson24
21Aug 5, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM49 LapsRay Smith25
22Aug 12, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM75 LapsJoshua A Robinson28
23Aug 19, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM75 LapsSteven Thomson27
24Aug 26, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM72 LapsFrederick Hofstetter30
 Aug 27, 2021   
Playoffs Round of 16
Chase Start: Top 16 drivers
25Sep 2, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM88 LapsSteven Thomson26
26Sep 9, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM150 LapsThomas Ogle23
27Sep 16, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM180 LapsThomas Ogle28
 Sep 17, 2021   
Playoffs Round of 12
Chase Start: Top 12 drivers
28Sep 23, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM120 LapsDwayne Mcarthur29
29Sep 30, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM68 LapsDwayne Mcarthur37
30Oct 7, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM40 LapsDwayne Mcarthur19
 Oct 8, 2021   
Playoffs Round of 8
Chase Start: Top 8 drivers
31Oct 14, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM120 LapsDwayne Mcarthur31
32Oct 21, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM120 LapsSteven Thomson21
33Oct 28, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM150 Laps   
 Oct 29, 2021   
Championship Final 4
Chase Start: Top 4 drivers
34Nov 4, 2021Yes7:30 PM9:10 PM120 Laps   
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