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We are the PREMIER full NASCAR Distance racing series on the iRacing service! The 100% Cup Series would like to invite you to put your race craft and setup knowledge to the test over the course of a full 36 race season.Our series features Gen7/Next Cup cars, Open setups, Stage Racing, Tire & Incident Limits, NASCAR Points system, 40 car grids, and more! We race Saturdays @ 8pm/EST, with standalone qualifying @2pm-7pm/EST. Join the action and discord at: https://discord.gg/kdewv4RWzA
Attrition: Sim Race Campus was founded in the summer of 2017 to bring like-minded and talented iRacers together to hone each other's racecraft. The league specializes in multi-class endurance racing for the beginner to pro. 2023s4 will be our 25th season! Currently racing on Mondays at 21:00 et is the Oval Series (ARCA) in 100-lap or 100-mile races. On Tuesdays is our new Endurance Series following the official IMSA Endurance Series schedule. The sessions open at 21:00 et with a 30-minute practice, followed by a 30-minute open qualifying, then a 60-minute race.
The All-American Cup Series races on Friday nights at 8:30 PM Eastern, using the Gen 4 Cup Chevy. Based around NASCAR racing in the 2000s, we strive to be one of the best environments for league racing amongst mid-range level drivers who enjoy serious competition, but recognize the value of a mature, respectful attitude. To join, you must have an Oval license of B-Class or higher, and an Oval iRating between 1200-4500. If interested in learning more about our league, head over to our discord at https://discord.gg/gQFD7xz6BM 
American SimRacing League is a fixed setup league catered to experienced stock car iRacers. ASL’s Elite Series alternates between the NASCAR Xfinity and Cup cars each season, and is known for high-quality, ultra-competitive racing. All races are broadcast live on Sunday evenings.
Looking for fun Road Racing? As one of the fastest-growing iRacing road racing leagues, we know how to have a good time. We have races for all skill levels, from beginner to alien. While we take our racing seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We like good close racing with some healthy banter and taunting tossed in. No wreckers, bitching, or moaning. Join us and enjoy racing again!
Association for Competitive Online Gaming, We like to race. Welcome to where the competitive online gaming scene turns for the greatest, as members gun for the top of the charts to showcase their abilities. We were formerly known as iSCAR, but have rebranded to expand further out to other branches of the community. Currently looking for more drivers & staff, please feel free to jump on in!
iRacing Simulations Racing League. Broadcasted Live. We run the NASCAR Platform. ARCA,XFINITY,GANDER TRUCKS,CUP CARS. Wednesday Nights Pit Gates open @ 8:10pm EST. Qualifying @ 9:10pm EST. Green Flag @ 9:15pm EST. B License Requirement 65% Fuel Loads Limited Tire Sets. 1 Fast Repair We use Race Control/Race Director during all event's. Season 11 in process. We have a active website @ https://Banditracingleague.com We are also active on Instagram,Facebook,YouTube,Twitch Broadcasted by Full Send Racing Network on YouTube.
*Active League* If you're looking for a serious and fun league look no further, Blazing Pedals has that to offer. We are a league with a $55 entry fee to cover broadcasting that runs a modified Nascar season with the Xfinity car every Sunday @ 6:30pm EST. We vote on the championship race, Only requirement to join is to have a C-class oval license. We run modified Fixed setups and minimum 200 mile races. Each race is broadcasted on the True Sim Productions YouTube channel. If you would like to apply to the league visit Discord and apply on iRacing. https://discord.gg/h44Jbzt
Bluegrass iRacing is a top level motorsports simulator league, we aim to provide the most realistic and fun experience possible. We have top level drivers from both the sim-world and real life racing. Including former NASCAR drivers. We offer 3 oval series, with our Truck Series being our intermediate series, Xfinity being our semi-professional, and our Cup Series being our top tier professional series. All series pay weekly and seasonal winnings. Our Cup Series also allows the Champion to go to Mooresville, NC and race at the Legendary Millbridge Speedway in a custom Go-Kart built by Kinder Performance Group, legendary NASCAR builder John Kinder. We are all-inclusive and welcome all levels of racers to join us. We race Trucks on Mondays @ 9 PM EST, Xfinity on Tuesdays @ 9 PM EST, Cup on Wednesdays @ 9 PM EST, and our BRAND NEW Pro Dirt Late Models race on Thursdays @ 9 PM EST. Our Dirt races are featured on the legendary Ultimate Dirt TV and the front page of iRacing as well as our own Facebook and YouTube channels.
ESL is a controllerless esports simulation league where you build your driver and manage him or her throughout the season, each race is simulated and streamed live. Come join and compete against the best Ai Simulation Drivers around.
2024 Car #'s available this October! New Series available with minimal entry requirements! Our flagship program is as competitive as its gets with hundreds of dollars on the line weekly in a 34 race series for the championship! Our Car # Owner / Driver system provides several choices on how to progress your XCAL career. How real do you want to make it? CAR #'S AVAILABLE IN OUR DISCORD: https://discord.gg/xcalracing www.XCALRACING.com for details!
Cup racing , Mondays at 9pm EST. Open sets. Full Schedule. Playoffs. We pay our winners weekly and end of season payout. Broadcasted Fixed trucks on Wednesdays, 9pm est Our Discord: https://discord.gg/4ntNwY9Nxa
Formula Indy Series is an iRacing IndyCar league that runs on Tuesday nights at 9:00pm ET
Iron Thunder Racing League EST.2018 is a league comprised of three main series, Premier, Rush, and Trucks. Active Series is the Truck Series starting Monday 9/11, sign up at discord.gg/itrl or check us out at ironthunderracing.com.
iSNF: iRacing Saturday/Sunday Night Fever is a progression style multi-series league that has been around for over 3 years. Our league consists of mainly asphalt ovals, the occasional road course, and fixed setups. We run 60% fuel capacity, realistic weather and solar positions, and we have been told by many that iSNF is the most realistic league in iRacing! Our league mission is to provide ANY iRacer an opportunity to race in a safe and fun league environment without the fear of facing discrimination. We are an International, all-inclusive, well-diverse league and welcome ANYONE no matter your disability, gender, race, nationality, age, orientation, belief, or background. The ARCA Series and Truck Series have no paint/sponsor restrictions, however, our Xfinity and Cup Series runs replica paints, numbers, teams true to current NASCAR. This helps create some of the most authentic racing in a league setting outside of a console game. Be sure to contact Ria Ferris for details! OUR LEAGUE SCHEDULE: iSNF: NextGen Cup Series on Saturdays at 5pm ET (broadcasted) iSNF: Xfinity Series on Sundays @ 1pm ET, iSNF: Truck Series on Sundays @ 6pm ET
KCE Racing is a league made up of online racing drivers and admins that have extensive experience within the online racing community. Many Different series to chose from. Cup Cars Sunday Night GEN4 Tuesday Nights XFinity Thursday Nights Come Join The Fun!
The Lite Speed Racing League (LSRL) was established in 2020 to provide a structured, yet fun atmosphere. We aim to provide a competitive racing environment where friends can come together and race. Most of all, we respect each other's time, effort and dedication to the league and will not tolerate those who do not share the same views.
We are a fixed setup league, running fuel and tire limits for all our series. Our admin team is dedicated to making the experience great. We use a live race director and broadcast our events. Check out our website for more details! Cup Series - Green Flag Drops at 7:25 EST Sundays Xfinity Series - Green Flag Drops at 6:25 EST Saturdays Truck Series - Green Flag Drops at 9:55 EST Fridays Road Series - Green Flag Drops at 7:20 EST Tuesdays
Stay tuned for a 2024 announcement!
North South Racing League was created on May 12, 2020 with a group of drivers from Wisconsin, Indiana, Tennessee, and Florida. The philosophy of North South Racing League is to build a community based on respect, and integrity, with close competition and quality racing, all the while fellow drivers work together to build camaraderie and skills in race craft and awareness for the betterment of the league and its members.
If you are looking for a league that features close door to door racing with a lot of give and take driving and drivers that always show respect to their fellow competitors, by applying great race-craft, then the Old Bastards Racing League is the place you are looking for. Join the Old Bastards Racing League Races from the League Page, click the “League Sessions” tab. When a session is live it will show a green check-mark at the far right. Click it to join a league event. http://oldbastardsracing.com
Monday Night Scrambler Series (A,B,C,87,Next Gen mixed through a 15 week season) Thursday Night Short Track Scrambler Series (Late Model, Street Stock, Super Late Model, SK Modified mixed through a 16 week season) iRacing Fixed Setups Broadcast Live on Turn 3 Racing Network
We are an IndyCar-based league for real life IndyCar fans. Races are on Wednesday nights. 
RTRL is an iRacing league dedicated to those looking to experience a wide variety of iRacing content. Our league runs 12-16 week seasons using a single car at a wide variety of tracks. The RTRL Maige & Sizemore, CPA Monday Night Thunder Series runs 2 short races each night at the same track. The idea is to simulate a local Saturday night show for racetracks across America. The Saturday New Meets Old Series loosely follows the 1966 NASCAR Cup series schedule. The series runs the NASCAR Gen 6 cars and ovals, road courses, and dirt ovals following the 1966 schedule. As many of the tracks on that schedule are not in iRacing or are defunct, a similar track is used in place.
Founded in 2021 by a group of guys that has raced together for years. Our goal is to make this league the next best thing. We want this league to be a group where individuals can hang out and enjoy racing on a weekly basis. We currently have a Cup Series, Truck Series, ARCA Series and a Sports Car series. If you are interested in any of these series check us out on Facebook $Southern Excitement Racing League. There you will find the link to the discord.
The SimRacerHub.com Challenge Series is the site's official iRacing league. We strive to give our racers a fun and competitive racing experience through a variety of cars, tracks, and formats. Come join us!
SRN Z Grills Series SRN Glytch Truck Series SRN Fiverr Truck Series
The Smoking Tires Racing Series (STRS) and the Stock Car Amateur Racing Series (SCARS) have merged to become Smoking Tires Amateur Racing Series (STARS). We feature Sunday Night Cup Racing, Gen 4 coming for Season 2 starting mid July 2023. We will also be featuring a "Variety Series" on Thursday Nights that will run every few weeks!
Sunday Night NASCAR (SNN) is a league for fellow iRacing enthusiasts that race clean and enjoy the sport. SNN is the only league on iRacing to offer full length races with stages for each of the 3 premier NASCAR series. We offer a Truck series (C license 1.00 minumum), Xfinity series (B license 1.00 minimum) and Cup series (A license 1.00 minimum). We follow the full NASCAR schedule and most rules where applicable. We do not charge members a fee to race (with the exception of team charters for Cup). As long as you are competitive and understand the race cannot be won on the first lap I believe you will enjoy the league. Our races are broadcasted on Sim Racing Network (SRM). Please join the Discord link to apply and join the community: https://discord.gg/Jc237yF