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A:SRCA:SRCAttrition: Sim Race Campus was founded in the summer of 2017 to bring like-minded and talented iRacers together to hone each other's racecraft. The league specializes in multi-class endurance racing for the beginner to pro. 2023s4 will be our 25th season! Currently racing on Mondays at 21:00 et is the Oval Series (ARCA) in 100-lap or 100-mile races. On Tuesdays is our new Endurance Series following the official IMSA Endurance Series schedule. The sessions open at 21:00 et with a 30-minute practice, followed by a 30-minute open qualifying, then a 60-minute race.2018-06-18
All Pro Sim Racing LeagueAPSRL 2012-08-10
All-American Cup SeriesAACSThe All-American Cup Series races on Friday nights at 8:30 PM Eastern, using the Gen 4 Cup Chevy. Based around NASCAR racing in the 2000s, we strive to be one of the best environments for league racing amongst mid-range level drivers who enjoy serious competition, but recognize the value of a mature, respectful attitude. To join, you must have an Oval license of B-Class or higher, and an Oval iRating between 1200-4500. If interested in learning more about our league, head over to our discord at 2021-05-05
APEX THIS Road RacingAPEXTHISLooking for fun Road Racing? As one of the fastest growing iRacing road racing leagues, we know how to have a fun time. We have races for all skill levels, from beginner to alien. While we take our racing seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We like good close racing with some healthy banter and taunting tossed in. No wreckers, bitching, or moaning. Join us and enjoy racing again!2020-03-08
Association for Competitive Online GamingACOGAssociation for Competitive Online Gaming, We like to race. Welcome to where the competitive online gaming scene turns for the greatest, as members gun for the top of the charts to showcase their abilities. We were formerly known as iSCAR, but have rebranded to expand further out to other branches of the community. Currently looking for more drivers & staff, please feel free to jump on in!2021-06-06
Bandit Racing LeagueBRLiRacing Simulations Racing League. Broadcasted Live. We run the NASCAR Platform. ARCA,XFINITY,GANDER TRUCKS,CUP CARS. Wednesday Nights Pit Gates open @ 8:10pm EST. Qualifying @ 9:10pm EST. Green Flag @ 9:15pm EST. B License Requirement 65% Fuel Loads Limited Tire Sets. 1 Fast Repair We use Race Control/Race Director during all event's. Season 11 in process. We have a active website @ We are also active on Instagram,Facebook,YouTube,Twitch Broadcasted by Full Send Racing Network on YouTube.2018-10-28
Blazing Pedals Racing LeagueBP*Active League* If you're looking for a serious and fun league look no further, Blazing Pedals has that to offer. We are a league with a $55 entry fee to cover broadcasting that runs a modified Nascar season with the Xfinity car every Sunday @ 6:30pm EST. We vote on the championship race, Only requirement to join is to have a C-class oval license. We run modified Fixed setups and minimum 200 mile races. Each race is broadcasted on the True Sim Productions YouTube channel. If you would like to apply to the league visit Discord and apply on iRacing.
eNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing SeriesNCCiS2017-07-10
Esports Simulation LeagueESLESL is a controllerless esports simulation league where you build your driver and manage him or her throughout the season, each race is simulated and streamed live. Come join and compete against the best Ai Simulation Drivers around.2023-08-13
Excalibur RacingXCAL2024 Car #'s available! + New Series available with minimal entry requirements! Our flagship program is as competitive as its gets with hundreds of dollars on the line weekly in a 30 race series for the championship! Our Car # Owner / Driver system provides several choices on how to progress your XCAL career. How real do you want to make it? JOIN OUR DISCORD: for MORE!2020-06-13
FastTrack Sim RacingFSRCup racing , Mondays at 9pm EST. Open sets. Full Schedule. Playoffs. We pay our winners weekly and end of season payout. Broadcasted Fixed trucks on Wednesdays, 9pm est Our Discord:
Formula Indy SeriesFISFormula Indy Series is an iRacing IndyCar league that runs on Tuesday nights at 9:00pm ET2021-03-23
Iron Thunder Racing LeagueITRLIron Thunder Racing League EST.2018 is a league comprised of three main series, Premier, Rush, and Trucks. Active Series is the Truck Series starting Monday 9/11, sign up at or check us out at
iSNF: iRacing Sunday Night FeveriSNFiSNF: iRacing Saturday/Sunday Night Fever is a progression style multi-series league that has been established for almost 4 years. Our league consists of mainly asphalt ovals, the occasional road course, and fixed setups. We run 60% fuel capacity, realistic weather and solar positions, and we have been told by many that iSNF is the most realistic league in iRacing! Our league mission is to provide ANY iRacer an opportunity to race in a safe and fun league environment without the fear of facing discrimination. We are an International, all-inclusive, well-diverse league and welcome ANYONE no matter your disability, gender, race, nationality, age, orientation, belief, or background. The ARCA Series and Truck Series have no paint/sponsor restrictions, however, our Xfinity and Cup Series runs replica paints, numbers, teams true to current NASCAR. This helps create some of the most authentic racing in a league setting outside of a console game. Be sure to contact Ria Ferris for details! OUR LEAGUE SCHEDULE: iSNF: NextGen Cup Series on Saturdays at 5pm ET (broadcasted) iSNF: Xfinity Series on Sundays @ 1pm ET, iSNF: Truck Series on Sundays @ 6pm ET2020-08-09
KCE RacingKCEKCE Racing is a league made up of online racing drivers and admins that have extensive experience within the online racing community. Many Different series to chose from. Cup Cars Sunday Night GEN4 Tuesday Nights XFinity Thursday Nights Come Join The Fun!2021-10-18
Lite Speed Racing League (Official)LSRLThe Lite Speed Racing League (LSRL) was established in 2020 to provide a structured, yet fun atmosphere. We aim to provide a competitive racing environment where friends can come together and race. Most of all, we respect each other's time, effort and dedication to the league and will not tolerate those who do not share the same views.2020-12-03
Midwest-Motorsports.comMMWe are a fixed setup league, running fuel and tire limits for all our series. Our admin team is dedicated to making the experience great. We use a live race director and broadcast our events. Check out our website for more details! Cup Series - Green Flag Drops at 7:25 EST Sundays Xfinity Series - Green Flag Drops at 6:25 EST Saturdays Truck Series - Green Flag Drops at 9:55 EST Fridays Road Series - Green Flag Drops at 7:20 EST Tuesdays2021-05-05
Moving Chicanes Racing LeagueMCRLYour one-stop-shop for all things American motorsports! 6 free leagues across 5 days. Two paved-oval leagues: Cup Series & the Sportsman Truck Series. Two road series: Sportscar Challenge & Touring Car Sprint Challenge. One US open-wheel series, and one dirt-oval pro late model series. Join for the racing, stay for the friendships!2022-08-22
National Sim RacingNSRNSR, an established league of experienced drivers, is actively seeking mature, respectful drivers to join our community. Since 2016, we've been dedicated to providing great racing experiences and a friendly, competitive environment. We race the gen 4 cup cars on Saturdays with servers opening at 7:20pm EST and a start time of 8:30pm EST. This season, we follow the 2004 NASCAR Cup schedule with some minor variations, and our focus is on having fun while maintaining a high level of competition. We pride ourselves on being a community, not just another league. We're looking for like-minded individuals who share our passion for racing and want to be a part of a supportive and respectful community. We have strict guidelines for our drivers and do not tolerate over-aggressive drivers. Our goal is to maintain a mature, clean, and respectful atmosphere where drivers can enjoy racing without any drama. Our minimum requirements for you to race are a 1500 iRating and C class license for asphalt ovals. For more information, including schedules, drivers, and series specifics, please visit our website at, join our Discord or message us at We're excited to welcome new members to our community and look forward to sharing the thrill of high-speed competition with you. Let's go racing!2023-03-17
North American Sim Racing AssociationNASRA2020-11-03
North South Racing LeagueNSRLNorth South Racing League was created on May 12, 2020 with a group of drivers from Wisconsin, Indiana, Tennessee, and Florida. The philosophy of North South Racing League is to build a community based on respect, and integrity, with close competition and quality racing, all the while fellow drivers work together to build camaraderie and skills in race craft and awareness for the betterment of the league and its members.2020-05-18
OLD BASTARDS RACING LEAGUEOBRLIf you are looking for a league that features close door to door racing with a lot of give and take driving and drivers that always show respect to their fellow competitors, by applying great race-craft, then the Old Bastards Racing League is the place you are looking for. Join the Old Bastards Racing League Races from the League Page, click the “League Sessions” tab. When a session is live it will show a green check-mark at the far right. Click it to join a league event. http://oldbastardsracing.com2017-12-03
Premier Sim Racers ClubPSRCPremier Sim Racers Club is a fixed setup league catered to experienced stock car iRacers. PSRC is known for high-quality, ultra-competitive racing. All races are broadcast live on Sunday evenings.2020-06-15
Red Light RacingRLRMonday Night Scrambler Series (A,B,C,87,Next Gen mixed through a 15 week season) Thursday Night Short Track Scrambler Series (Late Model, Street Stock, Super Late Model, SK Modified mixed through a 16 week season) iRacing Fixed Setups Broadcast Live on Turn 3 Racing Network2014-02-13
Relentless Racing LeagueRRLRelentless Racing is a paved oval league that is based on progression. Drivers start in our lower series then moves their way up through the ranks.2022-12-11
Revolution Indy LeagueRILWe are an IndyCar-based league for real life IndyCar fans. Races are on Wednesday nights. 2020-11-13
Roarin Thunder Racing LeagueRTRLRTRL is an iRacing league dedicated to those looking to experience a wide variety of iRacing content. Our league runs 12-16 week seasons using a single car at a wide variety of tracks. The RTRL Maige & Sizemore, CPA Monday Night Thunder Series runs 2 short races each night at the same track. The idea is to simulate a local Saturday night show for racetracks across America. The Saturday New Meets Old Series loosely follows the 1966 NASCAR Cup series schedule. The series runs the NASCAR Gen 6 cars and ovals, road courses, and dirt ovals following the 1966 schedule. As many of the tracks on that schedule are not in iRacing or are defunct, a similar track is used in place.2016-02-21
SCARS - Stock Car Amateur Racing SeriesSCARSWe are a smaller league (10-20 members) that has been racing together since 2020 however many of us raced together in the early 2000s in Heat for Kids. We have run a variety of different cars and typically change season to season. We run Sunday Evenings at 8:15pm Eastern and are always looking for new members.2020-04-22
SERLSERLFounded in 2021 by a group of guys that has raced together for years. Our goal is to make this league the next best thing. We want this league to be a group where individuals can hang out and enjoy racing on a weekly basis. We currently have a Cup Series, Truck Series, ARCA Series and a Sports Car series. If you are interested in any of these series check us out on Facebook $Southern Excitement Racing League. There you will find the link to the discord.2020-12-20
Sim Racer Hub ChallengeSRHCThe Sim Racer Hub Challenge Series is the site's official iRacing league. We are actively recruiting racers for our Winter Series that kicks off November 21st and will run on Tuesday nights. Register today at!2021-02-23
Speed Racing Network Virtual SeriesSRNVSSRN Z Grills Series SRN Glytch Truck Series SRN Fiverr Truck Series2021-01-04
Sunday Night NASCAR (SNN)SNNSunday Night NASCAR (SNN) is a league for fellow iRacing enthusiasts that race clean and enjoy the sport. SNN is the only league on iRacing to offer full length races with stages for each of the 3 premier NASCAR series. We offer a Truck series (C license 1.00 minumum), Xfinity series (B license 1.00 minimum) and Cup series (A license 1.00 minimum). We follow the full NASCAR schedule and most rules where applicable. We do not charge members a fee to race (with the exception of team charters for Cup). As long as you are competitive and understand the race cannot be won on the first lap I believe you will enjoy the league. Our races are broadcasted on Sim Racing Network (SRM). Please join the Discord link to apply and join the community:
## ##VRLLiga Iberiana de Competicion2013-04-24
#0 5150 Racing League5150Moved over to for in house League Management.2020-08-24
#0 Green Flag Racing SeriesGFRS 2020-07-08
#1 XTREME ONLINE RACING LEAGUEXORL XORL - Xfinity Cars and Camping World Trucks - Open Setups - Great Racing - Come Join!2016-05-30
#Branch Racing ChampionshipBRC2020-07-26
#Great Lakes Truck SeriesGLTS 2020-06-28
#Revved Up#RUSunday: Mon: Revved Up Xfinity Cup following iRacings schedule. Open Sets Tues: Revved Up Freedom Cup 36 race with chase Fixed Setups Wed: Thurs: Fri: Sat:2013-09-07
#RSR Racing & Arca Evolution - by EVOLUTION RACING LEAGUES#RSRDivision of Evolution Racing Leagues with Trucks, Cup, Arca - Team Racing, Stage Racing, and fully broadcast.2020-09-22
(MORL) Midwest Online Racing LeagueMORL2018-09-16
(unofficial) personal use onlyuno WSRL 2016-02-03
*IORL (International Online Racing League)*IORL 2019-02-20
*Top Fuel Racing*TFRTop Fuel Racing is a IR18 Series & Pro Mazda Indy Lites Series League. Visit for more Details.2014-08-06
*TWB Racing League*TWB Wednesday Night Fixed Setup Truck Series. Apply here: http://
-Wide Open Motorsports-2019-01-06
0fficial Real Deal RacingORDRWe will be using official rules that are closely emulated to real life NASCAR. We were founded on Christian morels and Family values. One of our goals is to provide admin moderated league races to ensure all on track incidents are handled quickly and professionally. We will run All 3 major NASCAR Series (Trucks, NationWide, Cup) Racing days and times TBD.2014-09-26
100% HardCore100HCNo crying,whining or complaining. Race hard and control your car. Pretty Simple.2011-10-15
100% Series100We are the PREMIER full NASCAR Distance racing series on the iRacing service! The 100% Cup Series would like to invite you to put your race craft and setup knowledge to the test over the course of a full 36 race season.Our series features Gen7/Next Cup cars, Open setups, Stage Racing, Tire & Incident Limits, NASCAR Points system, 40 car grids, and more! We race Saturdays @ 8pm/EST, with standalone qualifying @2pm-7pm/EST. Join the action and discord at:
16th Street Racing League16STRLPremier IndyCar Racing Series. Many of the best iRacing drivers as well as real world IndyCar drivers compete here. Racing every Tuesday night at 9pm EST. 2009-11-26
1987 1987 cars and rules2020-06-13
1nfinite Racing Series1RS 2013-07-31
2 LITRE SPORTS SEDAN ESERIES2LSS 2 litre Sports Sedan series, for 2 litre sports sedan drivers, crew, fans and friends. Also extending to the APRA pulsar guys2020-05-08
2015 JerkyXP Tri-Track SeriesiTTSThe 2015 Tri-Track Super Late Model Series is a three race, three track event that will take place on the simulator. The races will feature large payouts, broadcasts on YouTube, as well as exciting racing. Register today, and take part in simulation racing history!2015-04-04
2019 stuff2019 stu 2015-08-16
24 Hours of Lemons iRacing Leaguei24HoL2020-05-15
2400 Racing2400Late night racing at midnight EST which is where the name 2400 came from.2010-08-31
2quick 2018-08-24
3 Wide Racing League3WR3 Wide Racing was established in July 2011 to offer fellowship, competition, and great racing. We look to provide the best racing experience possible online. 3 Wide Racing has a core of experienced drivers that all have the common goal of fast, clean, friendly racing in a fun atmosphere. As there are plenty of other leagues out there, 3Wide puts seasons and now years under it's belt. We aim to be one of the best organized online racing simulation communities out there. Feel free to ask any of our drivers what it's like to go 3Wide!2014-11-30
3Legs4Wheels Podcast League3L4W A league for 3Legs4Wheels Podcast listeners. Races every Sunday at 7PM UK / 2PM EST2020-07-20
4 Wide Racing Leauge4WR2020-12-06
4 Wide Racing Series4WR2020-04-07
4X Racing4XR4X Racing Lotus 79 Trophy Series2016-04-01
50 / 50 Indycar series50 / 50Indycar series competing on 6 road and 6 oval tracks .2014-04-30
50/5050 Late model half road half oval2015-08-30
60PLUS Open Wheel60PLUSA Series for drivers that will be age 60 or older at the end of the season. Racing Purpose Built Open Wheel Formula Renault 2.0 and Star Mazda. Goal is first rate competition--development and demonstration of car control mastery without the pressure from excessively aggressive driving often experienced racing with the younger crowd in “open” iRacing and other leagues.2016-10-10
87 Cup Car Championship87CCC2020-06-12
A-51 Racing League 2019-09-23
A-Main RacingA.M.R.2013-07-07
A.D.D. RacingADD We are more of a fun hang out with your friends than a hyper competitive league. We run an oval asphalt and oval dirt series on Tuesday nights and open hosted road races on Thursday nights. We also run a couple of teams in the ELMS series.2018-10-27
a2z Racersa2z 2020-06-16
AARA Challenge SeriesAARAIracing AARA Challenge Series.2018-11-18
Absolute Beginners Indy LeagueABIL12 round season running the Dallara DW12 IndyCar with a 50:50 road:oval split.2018-01-21
Absolute Beginners LeagueABL2016-05-04
ACR RacingACR Clean Racing2017-03-10
ACRL Mazda MadnessACRLMX5 2019-08-25
Action Sim RacingASR 2019-02-07
Adrenaline Racing LeagueARL  2012-06-27
Adrenaline Rush Racing LeagueARRLWe run fixed setup races at 150 mile lengths. We have limited tire sets to encourage strategy. Start of races are controlled by IRacing, restarts are controlled by the leader. Leader has lane choice on all restarts. Double File restarts will be used unless there are multiple cautions in a short period of time. 'Lucky Dog' and wavearounds are utilized. Penalty point system to deter over aggressive drivers.2020-07-12
ADS Sim-to-Supercar Showdown 2018-11-17
AEROSPORT InvitationalSRIIndy Car Oval & Stock Car Racing2018-04-16
AFSR Australian Fixed Setup RacingAFSR 2018-06-01
AiRL 2020-11-24
All American Racing League 2020-10-30
All Out Esports2019-12-18
All Out Sim RacingAOSR All Out races Trucks on Sunday nights and SLM Wednesday Nights. All fixed setups2017-12-18
All Out Sim Racing LeagueAOSR2016-05-16
All Out Sim Racing SeriesAOSRAll Out Sim Racing is a Short Track League that runs 4 different 11 weeks series with the Super Late Models, Late Models, Street Stock and Legends Cars. All Out is also Home to races such as the Snowball Derby, Short Track Nationals, and the SnowFlake 100!2018-09-04
All Pro / SESRA Classic series2021 2021-01-16
All Pro Speedway SeriesAPSS Sunday night is the WAR Shocks Superspeedway Truck Series and Monday Night is the Blue Thunder Speedway Series!2016-04-07
All Star RacingASR 2018-10-28
All Start Sim SeriesASSS All Star Sim Series 2013-02-13
All-Star Sim RacingASSR2018 Season Starting Soon2016-08-17
All-Star Truck SeriesASTS2017-11-28
All-Time MotorsportsATMWe are a league that will run a full 36 week schedule following the NASCAR sprint cup schedule with chase format2013-07-19
Allusion Events 2019-06-03
Alpha Touring ChallengeATC 2021-04-17
American Left Turns2018-01-06
American Left Turns XFINITY LeagueALTXL2018-05-31
American Open Wheel RacingAOWR 2009-10-27
American Oval RacingAOR  2009-11-10
American Road Racing Championship AssociationARRCA2018-07-09
American Shorttrack AllianceASA2016-01-07
American Sim Motor RacingASMR 2020-06-01
American Sim Racing AssociationASRASunday Nights feature 50 lap double headers at short tracks utilizing the Super Late Model and the Tour Modified. Monday Night Xfinity Series racing featuring the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, and Toyota Camry.2013-09-17
American Sim Racing ChampionshipASRC 2019-04-17
American Sim Racing ClubASRCThe American Sim Racing Club was founded in 2021 with the goal to provide a premiere short track racing experience on the iRacing service. Coming Wednesday nights in March! All ASRC Super Late Model Series races will be broadcasted LIVE on RaceVerse! Join our Facebook and visit our website! Facebook: Website:
American Sim Racing LeagueASRL Sim racing since 19992009-10-27
American Sim Racing SeriesASRS2015-05-13
AMF Iracing LeagueAMF2017-08-09
AMF Racing LeaguesAMFThursday Xfinity Series. Fixed Setup (current) Friday Oval Series Truck League. Fixed Setup (retired)2016-03-23
Amigos do iRacingAIRGrupo de amigos apaixonados por automobilismo. Este grupo nasceu com o objetivo principal de ajudar os pilotos virtuais que tiverem interesse em conhecer, evoluir, praticar, economizar, respirar, idolatrar, criticar, pilotar, ou simplismente experimentar este simulador. Talvez encontre aqui o seu local ideal para trocar experiencias, competir, ou apenas, conversar. Somos um grupo de amigos acima de tudo. Nosso TS:
AMSOIL ELITE SERIESAES AMSOIL Elite Series is a racing group that prides itself on clean racing and great fun. AES is free to join. Each league applicant will be reviewed and accepted based on Iracing experience and stats. There is no minimal irating or safety rating to join AES but your "resume" must make sense. We look at year to date official starts, irating, safety rating and career noted wins with other leagues. We prefer experienced drivers but understand that some of our best talent will be new to Iracing. Sundays will have Super Late Model racing from January to June. Starting in July, the AES will have Class B races every Sunday night. The Class B races will be 1/2 the distance of real Xfinity races, fixed setups and random weather. Thursday's are Thursday Night Thunder. In Quarter 1, TNT will feature the USAC Silver Crown cars.2014-12-15
AMSracinAMS We have an atmosphere of Like-Minded Sim Racers who work towards camaraderie while competing for race win & championship trophies. If you would like to join our drive toward this goal then we encourage you to apply. Thanks in advance for considering our league to be a potential atmosphere for you to compete. Good luck on the track! Est:20122012-05-07
Anarchy Motorsports SeriesAMSA Premiere iRacing League2013-09-10
Another Left Turn EXHIBITION RACESALTRL 2018-11-06
ANZ IndyCar SeriesANZ Indy 2015-10-28
ANZCARClub Aus/NZ asphalt oval racing league2017-09-20
AOLL RacingAOLL2020-05-27
Apex AC XFINITY Tuesdays 2016-05-17
Apex E Series by Logitech and KultecApex 2018-02-22
Apex Online RacingAORiRacing Leagues arranged by!2014-12-17
Apex Racing LeagueARLThe Apex Racing League was born in 2009 around a set of core principles – to offer the best clean and fair online racing environment for the best racing games. The site has quickly grown and is now the fastest expanding racing community and now supports a 2011-12-13
Apex Sim Racing eSeries Showdown 2021-02-22
Arc IracingArc 2010-04-14
ARC iRacing SeriesARCiS One of the longest running leagues on iRacing. -Containing results from 2015 onward!2015-01-10
ARC iRacing Series: TrucksARCThe ARC iRacing Series was built on the foundation of fun and competitive racing among friends. The ARC iRacing Series is a NASCAR Truck Series run by Brendan Burcroff. The season will begin on May 28th. We run Sunday Nights.2016-06-03
ARC iRacing Truck SeriesARCOne of the longest running leagues on iRacing!2018-08-12
ARC Retro SeriesARCRS 2020-12-29
ARC Truck SeriesARCWe are a weekly Truck series that races every Saturday night on the NASCAR ovals!2015-05-09
Arca All AmericanAAA 2020-10-22
Area 51 RacingA51R Indy Cars, NASCAR Cup and Truck racing seasons.2019-08-06
ARL Mazda MX5 Rookie LeagueARL MX56 Round rookie league run through ARL in the Mazda MX5 with round 6 introducing the Caddliac2013-02-09
ASCORS RacingASCORSASCORS makes its triumphant return to iRacing starting late 2019 with the Thursday Night Midget Thunder Series!2019-10-29
Asia-Pacific RacingAPR 2014-05-06
Asian Oval Racing SeriesAORS 2010-04-03
ASL Australian Speedway LeagueASLASL Australian Speedway League is The Home of Australian Speedway Racing hosted by iRFF Events2017-04-09
ASPHALT IS FOR GETTING THEREAFGTDirt racing league. Car will/could vary each season.2020-12-21
ASRCASRCThe Associated Sim Racing Club strive to bring you the closest most competitive racing out there with the bonus of $$$CASH$$$ PRIZES Currently running - F1 - MP4-30 American Sports Car - HPD, C7DP, BMW & Mclaren GT3, RUF C spec World Enndureance - HPD, GT1, GT2 GT3 Round the Clock Challenge - GT3 GT3 Euro Sprint - GT3 GT3 Euro Endurance - GT3 British GT Challenge - GT3 Aus/Pacific GT Challenge - GT1/GT2 British Touring Cup - Kia2016-01-10
ASRLASRL 2011-02-20
ASSCARASS 2018-08-08
ASSCAR Throwback SeriesASSCAR 2018-08-19
Asylum Racing LeagueARL 2019-07-08
ATCHISON motorsportsAms 2018-03-20
AtlasF1AF1  2009-11-11
ATR Wednesday Night Fixed Setups Fun RunATR-Fix Austeam Racing Fixed Setup League test events2020-10-07
Aus/NZ Campingworld Trucks Aus/NZ Asphalt Oval & Road racing.2017-06-04
Aussie Online GamingAOGAussie Online Gaming (AOG) aims to host high-quality iRacing league events primarily for the Australia and New Zealand members of the iRacing community, but all are welcome! As of 2022, all Series are broadcast live thanks to Sim Speed Esports Network along with post-race photography thanks to Bowler Media2020-06-12
Aussie Racing Cars ChampionshipARC2016-08-16
Aussie Tracks Only Racing (ATO)ATORacing on Australian tracks only2013-12-26
Aussie/NZ Nascar 2014Aus/NZ Sat Night of Online Nascar Racing 2013-06-17
Austeam RacingATRAustralian Online Racing League Put Yourself In the Drivers Seat - An online motor racing league, founded in 1996 the first in Australia (and believe in the world) to implement driver changes back in the N2K days. Shut the doors for around 10 years and now back together with a number of our old members again. Ensure you join our Facebook group prior to being accepted into the league. Once there, look for the post where you select your league number....pick yours, and you're in. Feel free to email for more information.2020-05-14
Australasian Supercar eSeriesASe ZB Commodore and Mustang on Ovals2021-03-15
Australian Endurance ChampionshipAEC2019-07-15
Australian Grand Prix Series (AGPS)AGPS2015-05-04
Australian INDYCAR SeriesAUSINDY2016-10-07
Australian Online Supercar ChampionshipAOSC 2016-05-12
Australian Turbo Touring Car iRacing SeriesATTC 2020-01-16
Autobahn Motorcar GroupABMG2014-12-22
Average Joes Racing SeriesAvgJoesAverage Joes is a Fixed Truck Series2011-11-19
Avid Chronic Racing LeagueACRL2014-03-18
AWA SUPER LATE MODEL SERIESAWA We are a Super Late Model League. We run Monday Nights at 7:30pm EST Pit Gates open at 7:30pm 30 minute practice Qualifying Starts at 8:00pm EST. GRID TIME IS 8:07pm All Times are Eastern Standard Time. license Requirement is D4.0 to PRO2020-02-10
B Series of the North American iRacing Stock Car ChallengeNAISCCx 2021-04-16
B2O BLANCPAIN SPRINT SERIESB2OBand of Others (B2O)/Practice Pals Blancpain Sprint Series League is meant to give you the most authentic Blancpain Sprint experience possible. Our League is a Social Racing League so all drivers are expected to be present and accounted for in Teamspeak during League events. Teamspeak Information can be found here: There are two very simple rules that are heavily based on common sense: 1. Have fun! 2. Don't be an @ss Races are as follows: - 20 minute Inverse Grid Qualify Race (we race for grid position). - 50 minute Race with full fuel and 5 minute Pit Window; tire change mandatory.2016-12-06
Back of the Pack Racing LeagueBOTPTired of racing at the back of the pack every race? Hours of practice and you still can't keep up? If you answered yes to those questions, then this is the league for you!! This league is designed for racers that love racing, but just can't get over that hump, because something is missing in the skill department. We can come together and through time learn from one another the skills needed to hopefully one day compete with the big dogs. We practice and setup our car every Monday night starting at 7:30pm PDT and then run the Late Model Official Tour races throughout the week. LM League races are on Thursday nights starting at 7:30pm PDT. You must be a member to race on Thursday nights, Monday night practice is open to everyone with a D license to Pro 1.0. Website : Like us on Facebook :
Backfire GT4/TCR Stats Stats for the Backfire League2020-12-31
BackFire Sim RacingBFSR 2021-02-20
BackRoads RacingBRR2016-01-10
Backwards Hat Racing Ass.BHRAFIXED Trucks and Grand National(B Car) Series that is part of the Backwards Hat Racing Ass. It will run on Mondays's in 2019 and will begin with practice at 7:45cst-8:45est.2017-12-01
Backwards Racing LeagueBRLThis is a league that can suit top-level sim racers and people who are looking to develop their skills in a friendly and competitive environment. Make sure to join our Discord server. Have fun!2020-01-17
Backwoods Online RacingB.O.R.Racing Late-models2013-11-17
Bad Ass Mod SquadsBAMS2017-09-21
Badger State Racing SeriesBSRSBSRS Late Models 2016/20172016-11-17
Balding BanditsBBRLBalding Bandits is an Iracing league started by a small group of friends to have some fun on the virtual track. This group has all sorts of backgrounds in real world and sim racing, from real world short track racers, dirt track Kart racers, road racers, and some members that have never driven anything faster than a laptop. We are focused mostly on stock cars running ovals, but we like to run dirt tracks and road races on occasion. Check us out on our website.2020-06-15
Band Of Brothers AsphaltBoB 2021-02-03
Band of Others iRacingB2O2015-07-28
Bandit Racing Series Bringing back Friday Night Fun Races2019-02-10 LeaguesMZGTest 2018-10-10
Bare Metal LeagueBML2019-05-08
Barstool SportsBS 2020-08-12
Batteries Not IncludedBNI2017-06-06
Belly Up SportsBUS Belly Up Sports 4 Race Extravaganza2020-10-14
Big 10 Super SeriesB10SS Asphalt Super Late Model League2021-04-15
Big Red Racing.orgBRRA Sim Racing Community. We welcome novices, as well as veterans to all of our Racing Series. If you're looking for a friendly, yet competitive place to race, then Big Red Racing may be exactly what you're looking for.2010-02-22
Billy Halliburton's 3rd Place Dash for CashD4C William Halliburton frequently puts up a 15 lap race where the 3rd place finish will receive $10...and a 5 Lap Demo Derby no rules race, where as well the 3rd person to cross the finish line will receive $10 2011-12-11
Black Flag RacingBFRBlack Flag Racing was made for racers looking for a place to have fun, respectable, door to door sim racing. Send us a league application via the iRacing website to get started. 2020-04-06
Blazing Pedals DIRT LeagueBPLD2019-04-29
Blazing Pedals Monday Late Model Tour 2019-11-05
Bonfire Racing LeagueBRLBonfire Racing League, an iRacing League for the rest of us!2020-06-03
Bootleg Racing LeagueBRLBRL was founded in 1994 as the Bootleg Racing Series and utilized Papyrus' "NASCAR Racing" software. It made its "iRacing" debut in 2013. A short track racing league, BRL has hosted 1000's of weekly races in series' ranging from Legends cars to full bodied stock cars and from dirt to asphalt tracks. All BRL series' feature four 11-week seasons every year, plus an annual Shootout event on its birthday in September.2015-04-22
BOSRABOSRABritish Online Sim Racing Association2015-08-25
Brasil Le Mans Series VirtualBLMSBrasil Le Mans Series Virtual pode saber mais visitando nosso site :
Brethren RacingBRL2009-10-27
Bridge City RacingBCR2009-11-06
BritishSimRacers  2013-05-02
BSP Winter SeriesBSPWS 2018-10-18
BSR and Rincon RacingRR_BSR2014-10-29
BSR Formula 1BSRF1Star Mazda league based on the current season track schedule - everyone welcomed.2014-07-13
BSR Kia Club SeriesBSR KCSKia Club Series2015-10-22
BSR KIA World Series 1BKWS 2016-03-14
BSR vs RR Williams - EscuderiasBSR-RR Campeonato por escuderias entre y con el Williams FW312014-12-23
BSRF1BSRF1BSRF1 running the Star Mazda following the official series schedule.2014-12-21
Bulldog MotorSportBMSSunday night Fixed setup racing league.2012-11-13
Bullring racingLegends cars on Bullrings and other short tracks.2014-10-28
Bundren Lawn Care SeriesBLCS 2020-05-26
Burning rubber racing leagueBRR2021-07-07
Buttkicker Super Late Model SeriesBKSLM 2021-05-23
Caddies Gone Wild 2016-06-08
Campeonato ASR-BSRseriesASR-BSRCampeonatos ASR - BSRseries2016-01-05
Campeonato Oval IberiaCOI Campeonato Oval para todos los participantes de Iberia. Se corre con el Impala B en esta primera edición 2011-10-23
Camping Universe 2020-01-17
Camping Universe Truck SeriesCamping Universe Super Speedway Truck Series League.2017-08-01
Campionato Italiano NascarCIN 2017-04-26
Can-Am Racing SeriesCARSTuesday - Class B (Fixed Set) 9pm EST2012-01-08
Canada Late NightCLNWest coast time friendly league that welcomes drivers from across Canada and the World (if you can stay up that late) 9:50 PM Mountain time starts and 40 minute races using the Skippy.2021-03-21
Capt. TV Open Wheel SeriesCTOWS Open Wheel Racing in IR182021-07-10 Mazda CupMazdaCupwww.r4-sims.com2020-04-17
CarsonCRS  2021-01-04
CASCAR iRacing LeagueCASCARLeague started in June 2020 with 1st season under AERL, then renamed Redline iRacing League. Name and logo changed to CASCAR as of November 2020. We are a mix Canadian and American drivers having fun and mildly competitive running cup series. We are looking at expanding in the near future to SLM, Arca, Truck and Xfinity series Cup series race on Sundays: Practice at 6:00 PM Eastern time. Grid at 7:00 PM Eastern.2020-10-19
CAVOK Racing NetworkCAVOK 2020-09-09
CC37 Week 13 TCR ChallengeCCW13TCR 2019-09-07
Celtic RacingCR 2010-11-21
Centurion Racing LeagueCRL New UK based league starting with a 12 week calendar racing the GTE class cars. We have plans to expand this to a multiclass GTE & GT3 season and further down the line include an open-wheel Formula 3 series too. Championship results are tracked and displayed with future ambitions to broadcast the races live. League is open to D licence drivers and above and full rules can be found on the website.2019-05-31
CFR ChampionshipCFRThis is season 2 and we will be running the Trucks What does CFR stand for you may ask? Well, its for Center Force Racing. A small racing team built around the real laws and rules of racing and applying it to the simulation world of iRacing we all love and enjoy. Over the past couple of weeks the members of the team have been heavily involved in developing an interesting concept for a fun, enjoyable and successful league and we believe we have taken the right step towards that.2016-04-29
CFRLCFRLThe Checkered Flag Racing League is home on the Simulation racing every Tuesday Night in various cars, at various tracks, and various formats. We continue to grow the league and make history as the CFRL has a lot of it!2014-12-21
Champion MotorsportsCMSWe welcome and encourage all skill levels and backgrounds into sim racing here at CMS! We pride ourselves on providing a fun and competitive yet relaxed and active community. We provide iRacing, rFactor, Power and Glory, Richard Burns Rally and other typ2009-10-28
Champion Motorsports / Texas LeagueCMS/TXL2019-06-13
Champion Power Equipment Fast N Fun Cup SeriesFNFC  2020-06-07
Champion-Texas LeagueCMS-TXLA division of Champion Motorsports that includes members of the TXL league that have joined together to compete using the iRacing platform.2018-11-29
Champions of DegaCOD1 Week series to find the ''Champion of Talladega''! 2011-12-13
Champions Racing LeagueCRL2020-05-14
Championship eSports AssociationCEA2016-05-24
Championship Online Racing TeamsCORT 2015-11-25
Cheap Thrills RacingCTR 2018-11-18
Checkers Or Wreckers Truck SeriesCWRLA sunday night truck series.2010-12-23
Chris Cup Sim Racing SeriesCC 2020-11-23
Christian RacingCRLWelcome to Christian Racing Christian Racing is more than an iRacing League, it is meant to be a place to enjoy the iRacing simulation, make the most of good fellowship, and hopefully build new friendships. No one person here is perfect, and mistakes can be made. All members, and attendees, are expected to treat their fellow competitors with respect and kindness. Disrespectful behavior during races, events, or on social media (such as Discord or Facebook) platforms may be subject to penalization at the discretion of the League Administration. Personal attacks, vocal jabs, “flaming”, bullying, or anything determined hurtful or belligerent will not be tolerated during or after events. Come for the racing and stay for the fellowship you won't find a better combination. See Ya At The Track!2014-10-02
CIS Road Racing LeagueCIS RRLRussian-language iRacing Road league 2011-02-17
Classic Indycar SeriesCISFull distance Indycar racing with the 'Dallara Indycar circa 2011' also known as the IR-05. Races are based on real life Indycar, CART, IRL or ChampCar events.2015-04-10
Classic Truck Tournament ChampionshipCTTC A points series in tournament style format with heats and a feature race. You must make the feature to accumulate points. All races will be open to everyone who can make the registration requirements. Payout at the end of the season for top 3. All tournament weekends will be 100 miles in total. Top 3 payout for the feature races.2015-11-20
Classic's Lotus Friday 0:30 GMTLotus Promote the race of official Serie Lotus on Thursday at night (Fridays at 0.30 Hs GMT) All pilots of america and the world are welcome !2012-07-14
Clown Coaster Racing (CCR)CCRClown Coaster Racing was established for those who are tired of the ups and downs of the official races. CCR is a community of passionate, average racers who want clean, hard racing without the drama... and clowns. Come join the circus! Oval leagues on the initial launch of the league and Road will follow.2020-03-15
Club AUS/NZAUS/NZOfficial leagues of the AUS/NZ Club 2013-06-05
Club Day MastersCDM Club Day Masters is a fun, friendly, competitive and extremely talent filled Australian E-Sports racing series made up of iracing rookies, experienced iracers and real life racers from series such as the Toyota 86 Series, V8 Utes, Aussie Racing Cars, National and State Karting series And the occasional ex-supercars wildcard.2020-05-22
Club HAM (HispanoAmerica)Club HAMComunidad Hispanoamericana de Pilotos Virtuales.2010-07-20
Club Scandinavia LeagueCSL2014-12-19
Club v ClubCvCClub vs. Club events and series 2011-06-09
Clube BrasilBRA A league dedicated to create the best moments in sim racing. 2012-08-24
Clube do VolanteCDVO Clube do Volante e uma comunidade de amigos e voltada para diversao. Seja bem vindo!! __________________ A community focused on friendship and fun. Everything here are made thanks to volunteer actions. We try to bring the most fun and hardcore sim experience we can with the structure we have. If you like our premiss, welcome aboard!!2010-05-02
Clutch Drop RacingCDR Semi competitive open setup Cup car league.2021-02-07
Clutch Racing SeriesCRSClutch Racing Series takes to the track in mixed NASCAR racecars on Tuesday evenings. Sessions open at 7:30PM EST, Qualifying at 8:30 and Grid Time is 8:35PM EST. Most races are setup to be 70-75% of the full Xfinity race with our longest race being 250 miles. There is a wide mix of skill level amongst the drivers which creates great racing throughout the field. Most drivers are in the Discord voice chat and the camaraderie is what brings each of us back every week. The main goal is to have a great time, with great people, and improve our skills as iRacers. Please don't hesitate to apply. To join, message any admin with any questions or interest. We hope to see you on the track! Schedule/Standings:
Coast to Coast Racing LeaguesCTCRL Coast to Coast Racing Leagues, providing top notch and free racing for the past 3 years! Discord link: Website: https://www.racingctc.com2021-05-03
Coffee Club Racing LeagueCCRL 2009-11-05
Collegiate iRacing LeagueCiL 2020-09-25
Collegiate iRacing LeaguesCIL  2021-06-24
COMSCC iRacingCOMSCC2020-09-10
Comunidad Club Hispanoamerica iRacingClub HAMComunidad Hispanoamericana - Foro Oficial iRacing Campeonatos Organizados en conjunto por la comunidad del "Club HAM" foro oficial iRacing.com2014-11-20
Comunidad T2spT2sp 2010-12-01
Continental Endurance Sports Car SeriesCESCS 2013-03-26
Continental Short Track Racing AssociationCSTRA 2013-04-03
CORE Racing LeagueCRL 2019-07-16
Corona 101 Corona Extra 101 series ARCA car. 2020-05-05
CORT Chase WhatIfWhatIf 2014-09-18
Creative Speed Racing LeagueCSRL2021-01-09
Crooked Line RacingCLRCrooked Line Racing is a premier Short Track Racing Focused League Banner, that has many different type of cars to race throughout the week! On Monday Nights we have our Fixed Setup Super Late Model Series. On Tuesday Nights we have our Fixed Setup Tour Mod Series. On Wednesday Nights we have our Fixed Setup Late Model Stock Series. On Thursday Nights we have our Fixed Setup Dirt Pro Late Model Series. All of our Leagues are Broadcasted LIVE on True Sim Productions! Message us on Facebook @CrookedLineRacing if interested in joining! Our Discord -
Cutting Edge Racing LeagueCERLCutting Edge Racing League was known as Allstar Racing League Since 2011 When they started a league on NASCAR The Game 2011. The league had to fight through alot of challenges since 2011 till they took a hiatus in 2014. In 2016 we had our first season on iRacing and it was a success however we realized that we still have alot to learn. Now in 2017 we are going to give it another shot we have all new admins an all new series and all new track. We're ready are you??? Starting in 2017 we will be running 305 sprint cars at Volusia it will be a 8 week series and will be a track championship.2016-01-24
CXR RacingCXRGTE League hosted on a Monday evening at 8pm BST2019-04-16
Cyber Racing AssociationCRAWe have a Series for everyone. From Dirt to Pavement. Superspeedways to Short tracks2016-09-20
Cyber Thunder Racing LeagueCTRL2018-12-12
Dan's Test LeagueDTL Testing only, didn't want to mess anything up on the main League site.2021-07-13
Danish GT Series 2020-08-09
Dark Horse Racing SeriesDHRSDark Horse Racing prides itself on clean racing, great drivers, and fierce competition. Building freindships through iRacing. We are racing the Dallara DW12 on ovals and road courses. Past champions include Henry Bennett, Robert Maleczka III, Nick DeGroot, and Charles Teed. This league continues to grow, attracting great drivers from all over the world. Races are Wednesday Nights, race session opens at 7:30PM EST - All races are broadcast by FlatOut Racing Network (FRN) on Youtube and rebroadcast the following week on ESTV. Special Thanks to our league sponsors - Troy Lee Designs, HyperX, Buttkicker, FRN, and ESTV. Please apply for our league at our website.2020-09-03
Days of Thunder Racing LeaugeDTRL 2017-04-19
Daytona Cup SeriesDCSWelcome to the Daytona Cup Series! This is a fixed setup superspeedway league racing only at Daytona using Cup, Xfinity, Trucks, etc. Races are 35-50 laps each and the schedule consists of 7 races. YOU MUST BE C CLASS OVAL AND UP AND 1000+ IR TO GET IN! Practice starts at 8:45 PM EST and grid up at 9:20 PM EST on Thursdays! Make sure to join the Daytona Cup Series Discord by hitting the website button at the top of the page.2019-09-05
DE-AT-CH Club LigaDE-AT-CHKostenloste Ligen für den Club DE-AT-CH.2017-07-31
Deep Art StoreDAS  2017-09-08
Dega Pro Racing SeriesDega ProThurs. nite Thunder 100 lap Dega races2011-06-16
delete 2021-06-09
Delete Me testingDMT Farts!2020-09-02
Demidov Motorsports SeriesDMS Demidov Motorsports Series2014-02-28
Desafio das Equipes2014-08-02
DFS Army Racing ChampionshipDFSA 2019-07-21
DGFX Racing LeagueDGFX Road racing league2015-05-29
Dialed In Racing LeagueDIRL 2020-06-07
Diehard Racing LeagueDRLAs of February 1st, 2024 the Diehard Racing League has reopened! 1987 Nascar Leagends. OPEN SETUPS irating 2000+ Liscense of C 1.0 or higher Apply at: Diehard Racing League #978 2015-01-14
digital-motorsports.comDMS 2020-07-09
Dirt DevilsDirt  2019-01-01
Dirt King Sprint SeriesDKSS 305 Dirt Sprint Cars, fixed setups. Races are hosted on Wednesday nights.2020-07-17
Dirt Racing TourDRTTime to hit the DRT with the Dirt Racing Tour! Elbows Up Promotions is proud to present the Dirt Racing Tour or DRT to the iRacing dirt community. DRT will bring together iRacing's best, cleanest, and premiere dirt racers. Drivers will go wheel to wheel over a 12 week season that will feature iRacing's precisely scanned and nationally acclaimed tracks with the winged 410 sprint car. DRT will showcase the fierce competitiveness and major excitement of sim racing and eSports. Setting the example and bar high for professionalism, realism, and enjoyment. DRT will feature live admins, live broadcasts, and in depth coverage week in and week out to ensure the drivers, fans, and followers stay up to date on the latest news and storylines. DRT Requirements: - A C Class 1.0 or higher dirt license - A clean standing among the iRacing dirt community - A clean standing among Elbows Up Promotions Drivers looking to compete with the Dirt Racing Tour can send a league request to the Dirt Racing2020-09-01
Dirt Slingers Racing LeagueDSRL360 Wing Sprint Car Series on Mondays, UMP Mods on Wednesdays and 410 Sprint Cars Thursday 8pm EDT and Saturday Nights 9pm EDT.2017-10-14
Dirt Slingin' OutlawsDSO2019-06-23
dirt test 2020-04-07
Dirt track syndicateDTS 2020-04-03
Dirt Warrior Racing LeagueDWRL  2021-01-12
DIRTcar eSportsDIRTFrom the staff at the World of Outlaws & DIRTcar Racing in Concord, North Carolina, comes a new iRacing league for drivers of all skill levels in five of DIRTcar Racing’s most competitive divisions… welcome to DIRTcar eSports! DIRTcar eSports is a weekly, tournament-style iRacing league encompassing the top five divisions of real-life DIRTcar Racing. Drivers from all over the world can register to compete in Wednesday night races, held for real cash prizes! 2021-04-15
DirtLeaguesAustraliaDLAAustralias premium source of dirt racing2019-02-01
Dirty Deeds RacingDDR 2020-06-08
Dirty Monkey Asphalt Series2020-06-15
Dirty Monkey Midgets Dirt Series 2020-11-12
Dirty Old BastardsDOBBrother league to iRacing's Old Bastards oval crew, we enjoy close racing with other drivers that share our commitment to practicing excellent race-craft. Link to the league post in the forums: is a fixed set-up league. All series we run are fixed set-up, except the Road Series2014-12-16
Disabled Motorsports CupDMC A league for disabled sim racers only!!!2014-07-31
Discord Cup SeriesDCS2016-10-01
DJHD All Star TourDJHDAST 2018-09-22
DMP  2012-11-28
DMP RacingDMP 2009-11-09
DMP-RacingDMP  2017-04-09
Doghouse Racing LeagueDRLNext Gen Cup Thursday Night Series2021-06-05
Domino's TYJ RacingDTYJRDomino's TYJ Racing is an iRacing league specializing in competitive, clean racing. The league offers a Top Shelf Series that runs the Gen6 NASCAR Cup Car. It offers the NASCAR Xfinity Car in our Premier Xfinity Series and the league offers driver to race the NASCAR Camping World Series Trucks. All Series details can be found on the iRacing Dominostyjracing league page.2016-12-15
Doom Racing LeagueDRL We're a League dedicated to racing hard and having fun. Winner of the weekly main gets 5 dollars in iRacing credits. Winner of the overall season championship receives a free custom T shirt with their likeness and iRacing scheme featured. For people who like to race clean and hard but don't take life too seriously. Mature applicants only. All races will be edited as a highlight/recap video and uploaded to youtube. Also streamed at
Down South Street StocksDSSSiRacing's best street stock league since 2014.2020-04-01
Downforce Racing SeriesDRSDownforce Racing Series is an open wheel racing league running the Dallara IR-18 as the premier series car. The schedule consists of mainly oval tracks with a few road courses over the course of the season. The league runs on Tuesday nights - 8:00 pm Eastern, practice / 9:00 pm Eastern Qualify / 9:10 pm Eastern Race.2019-02-02
DPC Superliga NascarDPCNO OFICIAL. Superliga Nascar de la DPC. 2019-02-25
DPCOval 2018-10-26
Drag Kings - Drag Racing LeagueDK-DRLDrag Kings was established to bring a new kind of racing to iRacing, drag racing. We run exclusively on the drag strip at Sonoma Raceway, so that is one of the requirements if you wish to run with us. We will run a variety of cars so it would be helpfull2013-07-16
Dragonfly RacingDFRSet-up to track my race stats starting in 2020 for the official sessions i run in.2020-05-20
Dreamer iRacing SeriesDiRS2020-11-19
Drive For Suicide Prevention 2017-03-15
Driver of the CenturyDOC 2020-09-22
DRL - Dog's Racing LeagueDRL 2020-06-19
DRL RacingDRLDRL short track series2015-04-21
DRS Pro SeriesDRS Pro2019-04-18
Duel on DirtDoDWe will be running 360 Sprint Cars followed by Midgets every Friday night. Race 1 will start at 9:30CST and Race 2 starting immediately after. The race session will always start 30 minutes earlier for practice. Bonus points awarded to drivers who run both races on same night.2018-05-10
Dui's And DingersDND2018-08-25
DXSDXSIR-01 Oval only league2021-03-21
Dynamite Racing LeagueDRL2021-04-19
Dynasty Racing LeagueDRL3 Regular Season Series! -Cup Car on Monday Nights -B Car on Tuesday Nights -Trucks on Wednesday Nights Please submit a driver application below:
E-Racing Stock Car AssociationERSCAThe ERSCA Pristine Auction Series kicks off in February for a 20 race schedule to determine the champion!2020-02-09
Eagle Sim Racing - SimRace.usESREagle Sim Racing / Championship Series 2012-02-20
Early Bird RacingEBREarly Bird Racing Sim Racing League was founded in November 2013, with a mission of providing a realistic racing environment, one with emphasis on clean racing and respect. EBR is an early Saturday morning league for those of us that prefer that type of schedule. EBR runs on one sim platform - the iRacing Sim service. Our premier series is the Early Bird Cup series with Fixed setups and a chase. The series will run a 14 race season starting February and lasting thru end of May. The Early Bird Truck Series starts August and last thru November. The series will run a 12-14 race season. We will run one series per year with the Cup car and Truck. The Indy 500 will be a yearly event using the Dallara IR18. (July)2013-11-16
East Coast Racing SeriesECRS 2020-02-28
East Coast Thunder eSportsECT 2015-09-18
Eastern Central Racing AssocationECRA ECRA2021-02-10
Eastern Late Model TourELMT2010-09-13
Eastern Shore RacingESR 2021-02-10
Eastern Super SeriesESS 2017-09-03
EastWest PromotionsEWM Premier Tour Modified League.2018-10-12
EastWest Promotions Winter LeagueEWWL 2021-01-20
Elite 87SUaR2020-09-14
Elite Championship Racing LeagueECRECR runs 3 series right along with their real life counterparts schedule. When Nascar is off were off, wherever they race we race, on the same weeks. Monday is Xfinity Fixed series, Tuesday is Cup Open set series, and wednesday is Fixed Truck Series. Practice goes up at 6, Drivers Meetings start at 8:45pm, Qualifying 9pm, and Race at 9:10pm.2015-12-28
Elite Dirt Racing LeagueEDRL 2020-06-18
Elite Racing AssociationERA2014-09-07
Elite Racing LeagueERL2019-02-06
Elite Sim Racing AssociationESRA2020-04-29
Elliott Henderson Graphics iRacing National SeriesEHGiNSThis is a series which follows a combined schedule of the K&N East, West and ARCA series'. We race Tuesday's at 8:00PM EST.2014-02-03
eNascar Cup SeriesE.C.S. 2020-09-06
eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational SerieseiPIS 2020-04-21
eNascar Truck SeriesE.T.S. 2021-01-10
ERA Pro Cup SeriesERA 2019-09-18
Eric Minch Career 2018-10-25
Eric's Fun RacingEFR Having fun in the SCCA Spec Racer Ford 2013-05-10
ESBN IR05 Retro Indy LeagueESBN2019-03-05
ESBN Racing LeagueERLA league for those that want some of that awesome racing action!!!2018-09-23
ESCORS Sports Car ChallengeESCCchampionship with the mazda mx5-cup 2011-12-14
Escuadrón 69E69 Campeonatos del Escuadrón 69 2012-12-12
Esports Auto Racing LeagueEARLThe Esports Auto Racing League is a premier simulation racing league on the service iRacing. Some of the best sim racers and former NASCAR drivers call this league home. Feel free to check out our website! www.earlracing.com2018-07-15
Esports Racing AssociationERA 2019-01-09
ESRAESRAIndy 2021-07-17
ESRA IndyCar SeriesThis is the IndyCar Series of Elite Sim Racing Association. Running a 15 race 1st season with 6 road courses and 9 ovals. We strive to be one of the premier IndyCar series in iRacing.2020-11-25
ESRA | DP Riley ChampionshipESRAESRA 2013-07-04
ESRA | European Sim Racing AssociationESRAESRA | European Sim Racing Association2012-05-23
ESRA | GT Omega MastersGTOmegaEuropean Sim Racing Association2014-02-21
ESRA | Star Mazda ChampionshipESRAEuropean Sim Racing Association ..: Star Mazda championship :.. 2013-02-19
Essayon's eRacingEeRLEssayon's eRacing League was founded by a group of Veteran's who love racing and enjoy giving each other shit! Everyone is welcome. We are a progressive NASCAR style league starting in ARCA then Gander Trucks, followed by Xfinity finishing off with Cup Series. We are here to have fun and enjoy each others company!2020-10-29
Euro Free SeriesCadillac Cadillac Cup Fixed setup Free Tracks2019-07-04
European Stock Car Online Racing SeriesESCORSEurope's premier online league since 2000.2009-11-06
European Stock Cars ChampionshipESCCThe European Stock Cars Championship is for European iRacers that love oval races. The schedule is during the year with 18 races. Come and join us.2015-10-01
Eventos especialesESP 2018-06-26
Extreme World Racing LeagueEWRL 2021-06-06
F*ckstick CupFSTICK  2020-05-14
F1 APSF1 APSRespeito, amizade, competicao e velocidade! O F1 APS (Formula 1 Amigos Playstation) e a FDJ Racing (Falando De Jogos) se juntaram e formaram uma equipe de pilotos virtuais que vem organizando treinos e campeonatos entre amigos. Nosso objetivo é treinar e competir no ambiente virtual com respeito e amizade, elevando o ni­vel da simulacao virtual.2015-02-01
F1 Brasil ClubeF1BC 2011-04-18
F1 INVITATIONAL SERIESThe worst of the worst drivers battle it out in a horrible F1 league2021-06-28
F1APS LeagueF1APSF1 Amigos PS Velocidade Virtual ... Amizade Real !2014-09-02
F3AF3A F3A is Formula 3 Australia2019-07-04
Fake Racing ArmyFRA 2021-06-15
Fantasy Xfinity Series 2019-07-13
FASCAR Sim Racing LeagueFSR 2017-12-07
Fast Forward Esports2019-05-08
Fast Line Racing LeagueFast Line Racing League2017-12-01
Fast Pace Racing LeagueFPRL 2013-06-30
Fastlane Racing LeagueFRL Fastlane Racing League 2024 schedule: Wednesday nights at 8pm for Grand National Series Friday nights at 8pm for Fastlane Friday Series [will run short series every 10 weeks]2020-03-21
FASTR eSportsFASTRLeagues in Oval, Road and Dirt! Come join the fun!2021-03-01
Federated Association of Simulated TeamsFASTFeaturing Modifieds, Late Models, Sprints, Silver Crown and National Touring cars.2014-04-28
Feenix FinlandFFI Vain suomenkielisille SFL yhteisön jasenille.2010-11-07
FEG PC Premier Racing LeagueFPRL The place to come for the best racing around. Dirt // Short Track // Nascar Ovals2021-02-11
Ferrari Challenge WednesdaysFCW 2017-09-17
Fine Line RacingFLRImpalla B COT racing every Friday night - 8:45 PM Eastern / 00:45 UTC2009-11-28
Firsday Fun F3FFF Firsday Fun F3 hosted by Downforce Racing2020-03-26
FIRST - Federation iRacing Career of Simulated TeamsFIRSTHome of the FIRST Snowball Derby, FIRST Myrtle Beach 400, FIRST Rattler 250, and the most unique and realistic format for the FIRST 2017 Season! Divisions: Super Late Models, Late Model Stock, Sportsman Mission Statement: To promote the most realistic short track league, and to promote good, hard clean racing.2017-05-16
Five Wide Racing League (ARCA Series 2021)FWRLARCA 2021-04-04
FLANC - SWISS ONLINE RACING LEAGUEFLANCWir sind eine Schweizer Sim Racing Liga mit Fahrern zwischen 16 und 70 Jahren. Wir organisieren eine jährliche Online-Meisterschaft sowie verschiedene Club (Fun) Rennen. Als Highlight des Jahres findet immer im Herbst ein 4-tägiger LAN Event im Kanton Bern statt. Alles weitere findest auf unserer Website und im Forum.2020-02-18
Flatout Racing LeagueFlatout2018-12-09
Flatout Racing SeriesFRSSaturday night Cup car racing following Nascar/NiS schedule2021-05-02
Florida LeagueFL  2010-04-12
Florida Sim RacingFSR2017-02-17
Flyby ARCA SeriesFASARCA series part of the Flyby iRacing League - Beginners welcome. Laid back patient drivers only. Will run on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM CST. If you lack patience and are prone to lashing out at other drivers this probably isn't the place for you. We are a growing community with an active Discord and Social Media presence. We have a Cup series and should be starting an Indy and Legends series soon. Come check us out!2020-10-08
Flying Aces  2019-11-02
Flying Tigers Sim RacingFTSR2019-08-26
FND SuperspeedwayFND Talladega & Daytona with Gen 6, Xfinity, K&N Impala and the Gander Outdoor Trucks2019-12-08
for my used d2016-08-07
For the hell of itFUN 2019-01-27
Forced Racing LeagueFRL V8 Supercars Sunday Night League2021-02-26
Ford Entertainment Group PresentsIFMFord Entertainment Group leagues will be as realistic as possible and all drivers are to respect other drivers. The iRacing Sporting Code is in effect. This league was brought about for all the great members of the facebook page that patronize my business and purchase PCs. This is a prize fund league free to all iRacing Flea Market members.2018-04-08
Formula CrossthreadedFCT A for-fun league trying to promote great clean racing.2020-07-01
Formula Renault 2.0 World TourFRT2017-06-02
Formula Renault Australian ChampionshipFRACFormula Renault 2.0 league. 12 round season with 100km races.2016-03-12
Four Corners Racing LeagueFCRL 2020-10-23
FProxFPRXTerrifying otherworldly overlords known only as 'The Stewards' demand that we start a sim racing league or they'll blow up the Earth.2020-07-22
FR3.5S - Formula Renault 3.5 Showdown by RACELINE SIMSPORTSFR3.5S2018-12-28
Free Speed Series 2021-01-13
Freedom MotorsportsFMS2010-01-21
Friday Night ARC Street Stock TourARCSST Street Stocks---Major races are races for 5$ iRacing Gift Certificate.Champion gets a 10$ iRacing Gift Certificate 2012-02-05
Friday Night Daytona/DegaFNDSuperspeedway racing2010-06-30
Friday Night Lights 2017-09-17
Friday Night Race ClubFNRCPrivate Friday & Saturday night iracing fun league. No Agro, No Fame, Just Glory and Fun! We are closed to the public and membership is by invitation only. Sponsored by Central Coast Subaru, Gosford, NSW and Subaru Australia. 2018-11-12
Friendly Fun RacingFFRThis is a League to foster fun racing series for the average driver.2011-02-01
Frimpy's Racing LeagueFRL 2021-01-17
FSB Archivesoldfsb Weekend iRacing FSB Style 2013-04-21
FSN Sim RacingFSNSRFairgrounds Speedway Nashville Weekly Sim Racing.2020-04-21
FSR - Friendly Slow RacingFSRA group of like-minded iRacing veterans who have joined together under a unique philosophy to share their love of motor racing and sim racing. ​ FSR was formed 7 years ago and has quietly been successful in promoting friendly, courteous and nontoxic sim racing. Don’t let the name fool you. FSR has some excellent racers, and some fierce competition. But it is always conducted in a friendly atmosphere that encourages camaraderie and non-aggression. ​ We offer our members several different races and series to fit most tastes, and we support our teams in iRacing official endurance series. We have several drivers who are experienced in the world of real racing and are always willing to advise and coach anyone. ​ Whether you are new to sim racing, or a grisly veteran looking for a kinder, gentler league, we encourage you to check out our web site, and join in if you think this is a good fit for you.2009-11-12
FTF RacingFTFFor The Fans Racing League 2021 - Sunday | FTF Cup Series - Saturday | FTF Grand National Series presented by Barr Visuals - Friday | SNSL2021-01-24
FTRL - Full Throttle Racing LeagueFTRL 2020-09-22
FUEL Racing LeagueFUEL High Quality racing featuring IndyCars and Gen-6 Stock Cars.2018-05-09
Full Send Motorsport E-SeriesFSM 2021-07-12
Full Send RacingFSR 2018-08-22
Full Send Racing LeagueFSRL 2021-04-28
Full Speed LegendsFSRL 2010-03-17
Full Throttle Performance Sim RacingFTPCFull Throttle Performance Sim Racing2021-01-20
Full Throttle Racing LeagueFTRWe run Super Late Models on Sunday Nights at 7:30 PM ET 2014-09-27
Full Throttle Racing SeriesFTRS Tuesday Nights Blue Thunder Truck Series Wednesday Nights War Shocks Super Series Friday Nights Full Throttle Weekly Racing Series2015-08-19
Full Throttle Sim CommunityFTSC Full Throttle Sim Community runs 3 Leagues V8 Supercars Oval Series Full Throttle Nascar Cup Series Full Throttle Nascar Truck Series2020-10-03
Full Throttle Sim RacingFTSR2017-05-09
Full Throttle Sim Racing LeagueFTSRLWAR Shocks Super Series Dirt Late Model Series Grand National Series2017-01-11
funfun fun2013-08-15
Fusion Sim-RacingFSRWe are looking for new drivers for this league. Start time (EST): 8:30 PM Night Lighting: Yes Fixed Setups: Yes Car: Chevrolet Silverado Max Fuel Fill %: 100% Fixed Setups: fixed setups from iRacing Practice length: 50 mins Qualifier length: 2 laps or 10 mins Race length: laps on schedule or 180 mins Starting type: Rolling start Num fast repairs: 3 Full course cautions: On Restart type: double file lapped at back Hardcore level: Allow all driving aids, plus relaxed camera views2014-02-14
FWRL (Retired Series)FWRL-R Find our new series (Five Wide Racing League)2020-05-17
GAC Racing LeagueGACGood American & Canadian Racing 2012-02-12
Galaxy LeagueGalaxy An iRacing league of NASCAR series established by Josh Coppernoll and Bryan Mabrey. Currently hosting active series for NASCAR Cup and NASCAR Trucks.2020-08-02
GAS Racing LeagueGAS 2014-05-04
GASCAR - Great American Stock Car Auto RacingGASCAR 2015-03-01
Gear JammersGJ Just friends having a good time2015-05-02
Georgia Diecast CompanyGDCThe IRacing League for the diecast company Georgia Diecast Company!2019-10-19
Georgia Diecast Racing LeagueGDCRL 2021-05-12
German DigitalRacing League !! We continue with the GT3 cars in along the lines of the GT Masters! 1h race distance with pit stop, so that everyone keeps in mind the tank is reduced. We also take a Endurancerennen after iRacing calendar and enough interest in the 13th Week.2015-05-29
Get Some RacingGSR iRacing League2014-10-29
GGR iRacingGGR Fun leagues with fun cars and fun people :)2021-03-23
Ghost Runner Cup seriesGRCS Welcome to the Ghost Runner Cup series “GRCS” we are happy to have you on the track. This is Nascar Monster Energy Cup series League. Our schedule will simulate the real cup series schedule. We a purely based here to fun and nothing less. For league rules please check the designated tab.2018-03-14
Giant Bomb Racing LeagueGBRLGiant Bomb is a website about video games. iRacing is a website about highly-realistic sim racing. It was only a matter of time until the two collided. BOOM.2014-05-27
Global Racing AssociationGRAThe GRA currently running 1 League: Global V8 Supercars. We have run these leagues in the past and one day will get them up and going again. (GTCC) Global Touring Car Championship, (GGT3) Global GT3 & (GSC) Global SuperCup Championship. GRA Mission Statement - To create a friendly, active, competitive race environment for sim racers to enjoy. It really is that simple. I want to stress that this is our league. If you have ideas, please feel free to share them. So, now that you know what the league stands for, let me make a personal request of you. I can only do so much. I can create websites, give away free paints, give away prize money, and all kinds of other things, but this league will either succeed or fail based on your participation. Leagues are more than just a string of races, they are a community, and without people getting on the forums and being active the community withers. So, just take a little time and put a little into the league and it will come back to you many times over. Joseph O'Dell2014-01-21
Global Racing LeagueGRL 2020-12-30
Glove Box MotorsportsGBM Stat tracking for the GBM Guys2020-10-23
Go Fast Racing LeagueGoFastGo Fast Racing League is an online iRacing league. This league is being started for the purpose of giving everyone a place to race and grow. We pride ourselves on helping our fellow races grow, and learn together in a family friendly environment.2015-10-10
Goke's Dega DailyGOKE A fun league where we race at Talladega DAILY with almost ALL cars that iRacing has to offer!2011-07-31
Good Brothers Racing 2021-03-30
Good Vibes ARCA SeriesGVAS2021-03-06
Grand American Sim Racing AssociationGASRA 2016-06-04
Grand Prix e-SportsGPeS Liga Brasileira de Automobilismo Virtual2018-03-13
Grand Prix WeekendGPW 2014-07-21
GRAsim - Saturday Night ChampionshipGRAsim 2013-06-18
Great Lakes Sim RacingGLSR  2021-07-08 ViewersraceGripTV Viewersraces evolved in to one month league races! Come and race with the Nation with community voted car and track combinations!2014-12-30
Grumpy Old PeopleGOP We run multiple divisions of cars. Find a Division you want to run Race a Race in that division on I-racing let us know when u ran. All results updated on Sunday evening 9:00pm Est.2016-02-07
GSRacingGSRThe Premier Pro Late Model and 360 Sprint league on the iRacing service. Come for some great side by side racing. Don't like having fun and racing clean, then this isn't the league for you.2020-06-09
GSRC All-StarGSRCAS The All Star Races for GSRC2015-02-08
GT-MASTERS (GT3)GT3 Sprint Race2015-06-19
GTCup BrasilGTBR2011-03-17
GTE TuesdaysGTE Tue We are a league that focuses on good, clean driving, racing multiple track types in fast cars, and ultimately having fun.2020-11-26
GTHub iRacing LeagueGTHubGTHub is a motorsport focused Discord community and this league is open to any of our members who wish to get in on the action!2019-05-30
GTRLive Saturday Night Street StocksGTRL www.gtrlive.com2015-06-13
GTros SST IRacing ChampionshipsGTrosCampeonatos organizado por el GTros Spanish Simracing Team patrocinados por y Prorallye 2013-01-07
GTrs Team The racing spiritGTrsFun and fairplay league French but not only, most on road and sometimes only at left.2015-04-08
Guerreros de la RazaGDR 2017-07-23
GUNR4sR RacingGUNR4sRGuys Using NASCAR Rules 4 sim Racing Races on Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 8:05 ET.2016-01-04
Gunr4sR.comGunr4sRGuys using nascar rules 4 sim Racing2010-09-29
Hales Corners Speedway SIM RacingHCSSR This league has been started as a way to bring the people from Hales Corners Speedway together for weekly racing. Drivers, crews, family, friends of HCS are always welcome!!2020-06-11
Hammer Down 360HD360360 Sprint Car league owned and run by Jay Barker2020-08-20
Hammer Down Dirt TrucksHDDT 2018-06-27
Hammer Down Racing LeagueHDRL  2021-06-17
HAR MotorsportsHARDirt Oval Racing2017-10-14
Hardcore Sim RacingH-Cor2012-09-20
Hardcore SimRacing LeagueHSRL1hr plus events , endurance or special distance formats. 2010-12-19
Hardline Racing LeagueHRL2015-05-20
Hawaii Ace LeagueHAL 2010-08-23
HCK Beagles Racing LeagueHCK2020-09-29
Hess Off Road Racing LeagueHORRL Pro 2 Lite asphalt and dirt racing Wednesdays @ 10PM EST2021-02-01
HI-TECH TOURNAMENT RACINGHTTR This league is here for the purpose of gathering good drivers and people together to have fun and hang out. We promote clean racing and sometimes reward it. This league is a free to race league. Most if not all of our races will be first come, first sever in the hosted section of iracing. Most if not ALL our races have some sort of payout.. There will be trophies and other awards as we grow. We will run mostly tournament style races with short heats and short-medium features. Sometimes we will run special events which could be anything at any track.2016-03-25
High HP Racing LeagueHP Welcome to the High HP Racing League! This league was created to give oval racing fans what they truly love and miss the most about old stock car racing: High Horsepower Racing. This league is not only designed for just that, but to also provide and promote highly competitive and clean racing, that all drivers can appreciate and enjoy.2021-07-20
High Lane Racing League 2021-03-01
High Octane Racing SeriesHORSSLM 1.5+ Pro-trucks2019-05-26
High Slide Racing LeaugeHSRLNASCAR Gander Truck Series racing on Thursday nights! Races will be hosted at 5PST/8EST. Anyone who can be clean and race hard is welcome!2020-06-29
High Voltage Racing LeagueHVRL2016-06-08
Historic Online Racing of NASCARHORNY 2019-06-19
Hoggit Racing LeagueHiL 2014-01-09
Hold My Beer Racing 2018-04-18
Hollywood racing serieshrs 2017-05-04
Holodeck Racing LeagueHDeckRLThis virtual IRacing league was created by four friends who just wanted to race together and have fun without all the nonsense. We are a league for the up and coming drivers of iRacing. First and foremost, we want to have fun, race with like minded racers, have competitive races, and keep the rules easy and simple. We are mostly looking for newer iRacers who are careful drivers that are dedicated to getting better with every lap. Veterans are welcome, but please realize that the competition may be slightly below the level you are looking for. We also want drivers who will show up for every race or communicate when they cannot. Consistent attendance is important. Required: Racing wheel and pedals Required Communication Platforms: In game chat for races, Discord for pre-race drivers meeting and team channels. Mics are required. Race Cars: Monster Cup Race Day: Wednesdays Practice Time 7:30 ET : 6:30 CT Qualifying Time: 8:30 ET : 7:30 CT Race Time: 8:35 ET : 7:35 CT Race Length: 35 - 45% (depending on track) of the real NASCAR races. Fuel: 50% Assists: OFF Car Setups: Fixed, Baseline or Track Specific iRacing supplied setup. Damage: FULL Cautions: ON2020-06-14
Hot Laps LegendsHLL 2020-11-12
Hot pit big blocksHPTBB 2020-12-12
Hot Pit Truck seriesHPTS 2020-11-28
Hot Rod Racing LeagueHRRLWe race Sundays and are looking to expand in the future!2012-03-26
HotPistonsHPLiga brasileira de automobilismo virtual, trazendo diversao e profissionalismo para o AV. Com premiacao para os 3 primeiros colocados e medalha para a equipe campea de cada categoria. Mais informacoes acesse: Duvidas? Envie sua pergunta para:
HRA UMP Mods 2021-05-27
HTML Online RacingHTML  2013-04-13
Hung Throttle EsportsHTE 2021-05-04
itest test2017-03-19
I Race For CashIRFC 2012-10-21
I test settings hereTL864testing settings2020-11-03
i-FRN Championnat routieri-FRNChampionnat routier francophone 2012-06-19
iamINDY.deINDYDE 2010-04-05
iCAR seriesiCAR 2021-05-10
iCAR Grand National SeriesIGNSiCARs K&N car series for the 2017-18 season.2017-09-25
iCAR Modified SeriesIMSTour-Type Modified Division of the Internet Championship of Auto Racing2016-07-11
iCAR Road to cup seriesiCAR RC 2021-06-14
iCAR seriesiCAR iCAR series will host sprint cup and future xfinity races2015-06-09
iCAR Super Late Model SeriesiCAR SLM The tier 3 series of iCAR for the up and comers of the series2021-06-14
iCAR Xfinity SeriesiCARXSiCAR Xfinity Series, Tuesday Night's fastest league around.2016-01-19
iCARS TouriCARS2015-10-27
IceBox Pickup Throwdown iRacing Truck Series 2020-04-23
iDirt Racing SeriesiDirtThursday Night Pro Late Models, Fast Paced, Clean Hard Racing at it's Best! Open Setups and all races with heats. The second race of the night will be featuring a host of different dirt cars in a fast fun filled environment, with iracing fixed setups and all with heat races!2017-12-13
iF1iF12019 iRacing Formula 1 League, using the IR-18 Indy Car. Follows the real Schedule as close as possible.2019-03-18
iFormula LeagueiFL2021-03-28
iGPFuniGPFuniGPFun 2013-03-17
iGPFUn - Division 2iGPFun_2iGPFun 2015-09-22
IMVAIMVA  2009-11-04
In The Zone RacingITZR ITZR.net2016-12-27
iNascar BrasiliNBLiga destinada a realizaÃĤÃģo de campeonatos nas 3 principais categorias da NASCAR. Sempre sem custo nenhum para todos os pilotos. Cobramos apenas empenho e dedicaÃĤÃģo.2013-12-26
iNational Sim Racing AssociationiNSRA2015-10-15
Indy Elite SeriesIES Indy Elite Series2016-02-25
Indy NileINDYHola! Must have good "on track" respect to all. Administrator commands keep you having fun to cross flags. Guaranteed fun-factor so don't stress !2018-05-13
IndyCar 2014 S3 Combined Championship 2014-08-12
INDYCAR Combined Fixed ChampionshipFSC 2012 S1 INDYCAR Combined Fixed Series Championship 2012-01-25
Indycar Goodwill Festival of SpeedIGFoSThis is an experiment to see if it would be viable for me to track results for a championship to run within the iRacing Indcar Series for the top two split races in the US, Euro and World Invitation SOF races for Oval.2011-11-09
IndyCar Open Lite SeriesOLSThis league provides a comfortable environment to learn about open setups for the IR18 Indy car. 'Lite' on drama, egos and lost iRatings! It is intended for drivers that are experienced on iRacing but still learning to build IndyCar open setups. Our primary goal is to have fun with good, competitive, but most importantly clean and respectful racing - all while learning about open setups. We race on Friday nights, 8 pm ET (Qualifying starts after a warmup session). Our target demographic when it comes to membership are drivers that participate mostly in the IndyCar Fixed Series or other fixed setup leagues that are looking for an added challenge and more control of their car. Sharing of as much information as a driver feels comfortable with will be encouraged in order to promote an environment for learning, but it will not be required of a driver to share information. The league will be competitive with an IndyCar-style points system, so keep that in mind.2019-04-05
Indycar Sunday Oval SoFSOS  2012-11-11
Indycar Super Speedway LeagueISSLWelcome to the Indycar Super Speedway League! We are currently in the process of gathering interest from new drivers as well as putting together the rules and website. We will be running races nearly, if not every, night for the next two weeks to gather interest. Season is to be announced.2016-10-26
Infinite Racing GroupIRG CART Retro Series using the Lotus L792014-11-28
Inside Sim RacingISR PM Inside Sim Racing2017-10-05 Silver Crown ChampionshipISRtvSCCSilver Crown Championship 2009-11-05 Super SeriesINSTA2017-12-25
Instagram Quarentine Street Stock LeagueIQSSL Instagram Street Stock Challenge! We are doing this during the COVID-19 Quarantine!2020-03-22
Integrity Racing LeagueIRL2014-03-05
Intensely Twisted Sim RacingITSRPOWER Series- Fixed A Car Sunday STARS Series - Fixed Truck Tuesday THUNDER Series - Fixed B CarThursday 2016-02-02
International Cup SeriesICS2009-11-28
International Indy Car League 2020-10-29
International Sim Drivers ClubISDC 2014-11-09
International Sim racing Association (ISRA)ISRAThe International Sim Racing Association is a branch from the SSCA League. We run multiple series with single and multi class racing. Join us at the site.2009-12-13
IOS ArcaIOS_arca ARCA Pro Race Monday Nights at 09:00 PM Eastern ARCA Stirling Sim rookie class Race on Sundays @ 9:00 PM Eastern.2021-04-02
IOS CUPIOS_cup IOS Cup race on Tuesdays @ 9:00 PM using Nascar Cup cars.2021-05-27
IOS TrucksIOS_truc IOS Trucks race on Wednesday night @ 9:00 PM Eastern. We run the Nascar Gander Trucks.2021-05-28
iRacer.frIRFRPour les passionnés d' iRacing ! 2010-10-14
iRacers Serious Racing LeagueiRSRL 2009-10-27
iRacers.huiR HUHungarian iRacing championship We're currently looking for drivers from Europe to join us, if you're interested, you can contact us on our website, or send us a PM.2013-04-08
iRaceSimsiRSThe best in online racing. We think out of the box and involve our drivers in all decision making.2017-11-09
iRaceSims OldIRS2010-06-08 bringing you the latest news from the biggest series in sim racing.2013-12-10
iRacing 2007 Nascar Nextel Cup SeriesINCS aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa2021-01-13
iRacing ChallengeiRCUne gang de passionnés qui veulent avoir du plaisir et assouvir leur passion en ligne. Soyez à l'aise de nous poser des question. LET'S RACE!!! A bunch of guy who just wanna have fun and live their passion online. Join us and feel free to ask some question. LET'S RACE!!!!2019-09-21
iRacing Challenge by exxelmarketing.comIRCThis league will starts on october 11th. We also have a Facebook page and you can find us at iracing challenge commandité par on iracing. We are mostly a bunch of guy's who came from Montréal and area and we are all racer's enthusiast and for most very clean driver who love's tight racing. In the CTS-V series we have everything we want.....speed....tight race's and fix setup. So this way all the pack can hold together for a lot of laps and we like it this way!!! COME AND JOIN US ON OCTOBER 11TH YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!! Mike Bélair2015-10-17
iRACING CHILE Campeonato Chileno de iRacing2019-04-02
iRacing Club of AmericaiRCAA league mainly centered around sportscar racing, and having fun.2019-10-21
iRacing East SeriesIRESROWDY Energy Cup Series Circle B Diecast Superspeedway Series2018-09-08
iRacing GarageiRG iRacing Garage, we run Trucks and Cup, fun friday night adult themed truck series, a 100% truck series on Saturday, and a 40% to 50% cup series on sunday, we are always accepting new adult members that want to have a good time when they are racing, if you need total silence to race we are not for you. all other info on our site, thanks for stopping by!2014-05-03
iRacing IGPS Broadcast Series 2015-06-21
iRacing Indianapolis 500 Statistics Databasei500 Database to compile statistics for the iRacing Indianapolis 500. 2019-08-22
iRacing IROC Challenge SeriesIROC 2020-08-24
iRacing JapaniRJ  2015-01-06
iRacing Japan LeagueiRJL 2011-02-17
iRacing K&N Amateur SeriesKNASThis is an iRacing league that uses the NASCAR K&N Pro Series cars and races at tracks that they have: 1. Raced at before 2. Might race at 3. Would make sense to race at Basically, we aim to imitate the NASCAR K&N Pro Series (East and West) by utilizing their rules and procedures. Days/Times: Monday Nights. Practice: 8 PM EST (5 PM PST) Knockout Qualifying (if necessary): 8:50 PM EST (5:50 PM PST) Driver's Meeting: 9:00 PM EST (6:00 PM PST) Qualifying (10 minute open Q): 9:05 PM EST (6:05 PM PST) Race: 9:15 PM EST (6:15 PM PST)2017-07-03
iRacing MemesMemesPoker, Girls and Booze2013-07-31
iRacing Online ChampionshipiROC2015-12-04
iRacing Real LeagueiRLCredi 2014-03-27
iRacing Stock Car Auto Racing#iSCARWe like to race. Apply for the league here! --
iRacing Super UtesSUPERUTE 2016-12-12
Iracing Time Trial SeriesITTS 2016-10-10
iRacing Virtual Cup SeriesiVCS 2019-12-21
iRacing World Championship SeriesWCS 2014-11-02 Drivers Academy ClubIDACA medio camino entre equipo y club, busca tender la mano a aquellos pilotos sin equipo que quieran vivir la experiencia de iRacing de una forma mas organizada y competitiva.2016-11-23
IRB e-SportsiRBCriada com o intuito de reunir os melhores pilotos do Clube Brasil e do iRacing para eventos esporádicos ao final de cada Temporada válida do simulador iRacing.com2011-09-24
iRFF EventsiRFFiRFF is an Australian based iRacing League. We have both Oval and Road Series . Everyone Welcome2012-09-20
IROC Truck SeriesITSIROC Truck Series2020-09-02
iSCAR RacingIscar2017-06-21
iSCAR2iSCAR2 The Danlisa for all iSCAR2 Series.2020-08-23
ISCOOLRACING.COMISCOOLcup cars, 30%fuel & 30% races, no flags, monday nite Q @ 8 est, Good 'ole boys from Indiana2012-10-06
iSim Racing LeagueISRL2009-11-15
ISL IndyCar 2018-05-11
ISOWC Winter SeriesISOWC-WS Winter off season championship for the ISOWC Indycar League.2014-11-05
iStates Racing AssociationiSRA Xfinity Oval Series (fixed) 1500-3500 irating required2018-12-19
ITZRITZRA league that provides great hosted online racing to the iRacing community.2017-05-16
iURLiURL 2017-05-06
IVRL eNascar iRacing SeriesIVRL 2020-04-21
iWCR | Under The LightsiWCRThis league is dedicated, and fully devoted to providing drivers with a competitive fun environment to race. 2013-04-12
J2iCSJ2iCS2021-05-20 Sim Racing LeagueJSRL 2016-06-16
JD Private LeagueJDPL  2021-06-08
JNL MotorsportsJNLDiscord: 2020-03-20
JPNASCAR presented by Flying ArrowsJPNASCAR The JPNASCAR league presented by Flying Arrows aims to introduce and/or indulge Japanese iRacers in the NASCAR racing community by providing a quality league, skilled competitors, and a friendly, knowledgeable community to belong to and be a recognized member of.2021-01-26
JSRL Sunday Showdown Presented By Sam Pierce ChevroletJSRLWeekly series held at Indianapolis Raceway Park with the iRacing Pavement Sprint Car2019-03-10
JuggernautJTSWe are are full length iracing NASCAR truck series. We run 100% length based on the Camping World Outdoor Truck series Schedule. Open sets2021-02-01
Juggernaut Racing LeagueJUG2021-06-17
Just 4 Fun RacingJFFR 2013-09-07
JustRacin League (JRL)JRLCurrently running Trucks at 9:00 PST on Thursdays. League Admin is Tom Robbio.2009-12-26
KAISKAISKickin' Asphalt Invitational Series presented by KMA racing2020-04-14
Kamel GTKGT 2019-09-29
Kamel GT - Iracing Just Kamel GT Audi 90 Saurday Race2020-09-01
Karts to Computers Racing SeriesKCRS 2020-04-18
Kevin 2019-09-11
Kevin Durden MotorsportsKDM2013-12-18
KIA CUP 2015 2015-07-16
KIA World SeriesKIAWS KIA World Series Winter warm up running from Jan 2016 til March 20162016-01-09
Kicken asphalt.comKARSOpen Setup2011-04-30
Kinda fast RX leagueKFRL Rallycross2018-10-25
King Of StreetsKOS2017-12-24
KMA RacingEstablished April 21st, 2013 We are a group of iRacers. We believe in Pride, Dignity, Respect, and Clean Racing. We have no tolerance for wreckers, hackers, or childlike behavior in our racing rooms. We host rooms nightly in iRacing running a wide variety or cars and tracks. We offer a higher level and expectation in League Races2016-08-18
L-TAC points 2020-04-13
Ladies of iRacingLOiRLadies only; Hosts casual, no commitment, monthly oval asphalt races. 2020-11-19
Last Knights Trucks League 2021-01-26
Last Man Standing MotorsportsLMSRoad Racing League featuring touring cars from GT3 and GTE classes as well as open wheel racing.2020-12-12
Late Model EsportsLMeSport 2018-12-16
Late Model Road Racing World SeriesLMRWS2012-10-02
Latemodel Shootout SeriesLSS  2010-02-22
Latin Racing LeagueLRLLatin Racing League es una liga dedicada a nuestra comunidad Latina, donde esperamos crear un gran grupo y familia de amantes al Sim Racing y seguir creciendo este grupo. Actualmente solo estamos participando en una serie de Global Mazda o el MX5 como lo concen otros pero dependiendo el desempeño del grupo y asistencias comenzaremos nuevos proyectos.2017-04-01
Latinoamerica SimRacing SeriesLATISLatinoamerica SimRacing Series, es la primera liga Latinoamericana de iRacing.2017-05-15
Lawson Racing CentralLWRC New LWRC2020-05-11
LBN RacingLBNLiga Brasileira de Nascar 2011-06-25
LBN Racing (OLD)LBN 2010-05-25
League of Extraordinarily Average RacersLEAR 2021-04-11
League of Extraordinary GentlepersonsLEG 2011-10-20
League ZeroLZ 2020-04-23
Left Turner Racing LeagueLTRL 2021-01-28
Legacy Cup SeriesILCS87 Cup Cars2020-07-30
Legacy Sports Car LeagueLSCSThe Legacy Sports Car Series is a multi-class sports car racing series featuring classic road racing content. There are four classes. LMP2 - Honda ARX-01C ($2.95) DP - Riley Daytona Prototype ($2.95) GT1 - Aston Martin DBR9 GT1, Chevrolet Corvette C6.R GT1 ($11.95) GT2 - Ford GT GT2 ($11.95) Races are 45 minutes long and cars are gridded by class. Sessions will open Saturdays at 3:00 P.M. Eastern with Qualifying at 4:00 P.M. and Grid at 4:15 P.M. Points will use default iRacing IMSA with 1 BP for a 0x race. Drivers must start qualifying to score qualifying points and start the race to get race points.2021-06-26
Legend Racers Late Model LeagueLRLMS We are Real Life Legend Car Races that race Iracing Late Models 2010-11-22
Legends Racing LeagueLRL  2018-03-31
Legends Racing News Legends SeriesLRN The Premier Legends Series on Iracing. Some on the best real life and sim legends drivers race every week!2019-12-12
Let 2019-08-13
Liga IVRIVR2010-01-18
LIGA RADICAL SR8LR8 2017-02-05
Liga Virtual de EscuderíasLVELiga Virtual de Escuderías organizada por Drivers Parade Club 2020-09-09
Limited Iracing Series 2020-09-14
Lionheart Racing SeriesLRSThe Lionheart Racing Series was created by Indy Car enthusiasts who were looking to create a Oval / Road series to run the Indy Car. While the emphasis will weigh more on the oval side we are looking to add diversity to this series by including a small amount of road courses. It must be made clear that we are building this series around a mutual respect for fellow sim racers. It is expected that all competitors be treated with respect at all times. This includes both in our Team Speak server and during league events.2014-07-01
Lite Speed Racing LeagueLSRL Lite Speed Racing League2020-05-27
Lite Speed Racing League (Test)LSRLT Testing Points2021-02-28
LiveSTRONG Mazda SeriesLSMS 2010-03-02 iRacing IndyCar League by TI-RacingLMC/TI Over $200 in Prize Money! Now running 10 week seasons using the Dallara IR-18 IndyCar. 8 Road Courses and 2 Ovals, Fixed Setups. Monday nights. 1hr Live Qualifying starting at 7pm EST, Green Flag at 8pm EST. $100 to the drivers champion, a trophy to the team champion and to the fan favorite (Sean Stevens award), Plus a Second Chance Championship for the last half of the season. We have live admins. Averaging about 1k views per race over 4 different platforms. Have drivers from all over the world competing. Season Three is Fully Sponsored by LMC Thank you Jim Herrick!
LockDown Racing Week 13 Cash RacesLDR W13  2012-07-18
Loose Lug NutsLLN 2019-08-16
Loose Lugnuts RacingLLRFriday and Saturday night Racing2016-01-30
Loose Lugz Racing LeagueLUGZ 2020-10-13
LORA Lombard Online Racing AssociationLORA2018-04-07
Lotus 49 Tasman SeriesLTS Historic Racing League for the Lotus 49 with pointscoring to match using official servers on Friday Night AEST2014-11-13
LoveFortySix LeagueLFSL 2021-01-11
Loweredge RacingLER2020-10-24
Lowline RacingLowline2013-09-19
LSRTV 2015-10-29
LTAC 2020-04-12
LTAC Racing LeagueLTAC Cup league running friday nights at 8:30 EST broadcasted on LSRTV2020-10-11
Lucky Dog RacingLDR 2020-04-11
Lucky Dog SSHRGood ole boys, just having some fun.2018-02-20
Lucky's B Car Challenge2016-03-29
Lugnut Dirt Tour 2019/2020 2019-11-13
M8VAF Racing LeagueM8VAF M8VAF Racing League2020-09-20
MadDawg Designs Racing LeagueMDRL 2021-06-07
Mafia Racing LeagueMR Campeonatos organizados por Mafia Racing Team2018-01-19
MaGee's Big EventsMBE Big Events hosted by me. 2013-08-31
Malt 90 RacingMALT90Campeonato interno da Malt 90 Racing - Categorias novatos e veteranos.2013-11-10
Maple Ridge Racing SeriesMRRS Maple Ridge Racing Series Season 1 - Super Late Models2021-05-27
Marion Graphic Design LeagueMRL 2018-09-12
Marion Point TestMPT 2017-09-22
Maritime Beer iRacing LeagueMBIRL MBIRL - Season 1 - Legends2021-01-13
MARRS iRacingMARRS iRacing league for MARRS SCCA and other SCCA & Vintage Racers by invite. 2013-01-07
Martin Sports Car ClubMSCC Martin Sports Car Club is an AutoCross group located in Orlando, FL. The MSCC IRacing league has memebers from all over and is open to people who display good sportsmanship and attitude and safely race with others.2021-03-09
MASSCAR Wheelin Super Modified TourMWSMTWe are an Open Setup league using the Tour Modified Car on iRacing. We race hard but with respect to everyone. If you love short track racing at it's best, check our league website for all the details.2014-11-17
Maximum Speed RacingMSR2013-03-10
Maximum VelocityMVTSTruck league that runs every other Thursday night.2014-11-28
Maxxed OutMOWe Strive to bring you racing for every aspect of motorsports simulation. We promise To Bring you bumper to bumper door panel to door panel racing at every event!!!!!!! For comments, questions, or concerns get a hold of one of the lead admins2018-06-06
Mayhem MotorsportsMM 2020-11-17
MDRSERIESMDRS iracing league2020-09-01
Meajr League RacingMLR 2020-05-28
Medieval Racing LeagueMRL 2021-02-22
MGT Iracing SeriesIMGT  2012-11-12
Mid Atlantic Racing LeagueMARLThe Mid Atlantic Racing League races on Wednesday nights, practice starting at 8:30pm est, and racing at 9pm. We use the Late Model Chevrolet Monte Carlo and we hold 12 week racing segments. Inaugural race will be on Wednesday, July 14th at Martinsville2010-06-24
Mid Day Racing LeagueMDRL 2019-01-15
Mid-South MadnessMSS Midsouth Madness2020-05-13
Middle-Aged Racers AssociationMARA2009-11-16
Midget Endurance RacingMER Welcome to IRacings only endurance midgets league. We are hosting several nights of long lapped midget races. Strap in for a great and long time. Rules for the league are posted in the discord server2021-01-17
midsouth throw back seriesmsvr 2020-06-14
midsouth virtual racing leaguemsvrl 2018-06-19
MidSouth Virtual Racing League AsphaltMVRL-A 2019-05-19
midsouth virtual racing league modsmsvrl 2018-06-30
Midwest Days of Thunder (MDOT)MDOT 2021-03-03
Midwest Racing League (MRL)MRL Midwest Racing League Bringing all the dirt action, now running asphalt as well2020-06-18
Midwest Racing League.MRL fixed limited late model money series2020-04-29
Midwest Racing Pro LeagueMRL 2020-10-28
Midwest Short TrackinMWST 2020-10-30
Mike's Super Legends SeriesMSLS Advanced legends running on the big ovals and short tracks 2011-01-20
Mini Stock Sim SeriesMSSS Short track racing series using the Pontiac Solstices made to replicate grassroots 4-Cylinder short track racing!2018-07-14
Misfit Throwback SeriesMTBS Misfit Motorsports Throwback Cup Series2019-11-05
Missing Results Missing Results from various leagues2020-01-08
MKB Racing EventsMKB 2016-02-25
MLSR- Major League Sim RacingMLSRLate Models, Sunday Nights 9:30pm ESt2013-08-26
mofo racing leaguemofo racing league is every Thursday at 8 uk time and practice every Tuesday at 8 uk time For more info check facebook or e-mail
Monday BSR MX5 2019-01-11
Monday Night Racing LeagueMNRL 2010-02-25
monday night thunder leaguemntl 2016-11-19
Monday Night Thunder SeriesSSMNTFixed league racing the C-Class Trucks and running FULL Length Camping World Truck Races and following the schedule with added dates2017-08-23
MONSTERS OF DIRTMODAll Broadcasted live by out great broadcasting partners! Join our Facebook group- Monsters of Dirt / Monsters of Pavement Join the league for 20$- iracingmonstersofdirt.com2019-09-06
Monsters of Dirt(2)MOD22019-11-27
Monsters of Speed Racing LeagueMSRL 2021-07-16
MooncarMooncar 2020-01-27
Mooncar Premier QualifyingMPQ 2021-03-31
MOP Motorsports Racing LeagueMMRL2021-03-13
MORE RacingMORECompetitive action and a fun place to race.2011-10-08
MP SimsportsMPSS 2019-06-18
MPRL Superspeedway SeriesMPRL 2018-04-04
MSR Road Challenge SeriesMSR RCS 2020-02-01
mssr 2021-05-16
MSTV Dirt Slingers SeriesDSL Dirt Series2017-05-05
msvr pro late model season 2msvr 2018-10-02
msvr super late modelsmsvr dirt super late models2019-03-20
msvrl asphalt supers late modelsmsvr 2019-05-19
msvrl street stocksmsvr 2019-04-24
msvrl street stocks wintermsvr 2019-11-17
MTM Online RacingMTMOR 2010-02-17
Muddy Mayhem MotorsportsMMM 3 dirt series Tuesday nights Starting at 7pm ET2017-06-03
Multi Event 2020-05-17
Multi LeagueMulti League Series2019-03-15
MundoGT.esMGTLiga de Automovilismo Virtual. Campeonatos de iRacing. Tandas Individuales y Campeonatos por Equipos [#iSCE]/Supercompeticion de Escuderias de iRacing. Proximamente, contaremos con Campeonatos de Resistencia por Equipos y con relevos. Mas informacion en: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- SimRacing League. iRacing Championships. Single Series & Championships per Teams [#iSCE]/iRacing Scuderia's SuperCompetition. Coming Soon, with Endurance Championships per teams and swaps. More information:
Mustang Test League 2015-01-06
mverl silver crown 2020-08-10
mvrl mixed ss seriesmss 2021-01-09
mvrl usac triple crown overallmsvr 2020-08-10
MX-5 Racing LeagueMRL 2010-11-11
MX5 Spring 2020 2020-03-29
MyTurnRacingMTR Re-branded from the RRUK Truck League. MyTurnRacing League runs on a Sunday night from 8pm2016-06-09
nBBQ 2017-08-25
NAARLNAES Class B COT League and soon to be an Indycar league. @NAARLupdates - twitter ........ Naarl Amp Energy Series - facebook2012-08-07
NASA Great LakesNASA GL2020-09-03
NASCAR 360N360Fun loving league that likes to race clean and have fun!2016-02-04
NASCAR AI Cup SeriesECS 2021-04-16
Nascar Extreme 2021-05-18
NASCAR iRacing Car of Tomorrow Cup LeagueNiCoTCS NASCAR league for the NASCAR Chevrolet Impala COT used between 2010 and 2012. We are a semi-fun, semi-serious league with hard racing and a collaborative community.2021-05-07
NASCAR iRacing LeagueNiL 2019-10-17
NASCAR iRacing SeriesNiS The top level series is known as the NASCAR iRacing Series (NIS) and follows the real world Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series schedule. There are two versions of the series, one is ‘Open Setup’ and the other is ‘Fixed Setup’. These series span from February through November with a couple of ‘off-weeks’ where there is no racing – exactly like the real world Monster Energy series. These series races will be approximately 50% in length and will have a limited number of timeslots each week.2017-07-13
NASCAR Offseason SeriesNOS2015-10-03
Nascar TrucksR4Truckswww.r4-sims.com2020-06-02
Nascar xseries 2018-04-23
NASCOMonline eRacing LeagueNASCOM NASCOMonline is a multi-platform sports gaming community with 10 plus years backing its success. In our 10 plus year history we have held official series in over 15 racing titles crossing 3 gaming platforms. At this time on iRacing we are currently hosting one paved track series. This series being the K&N Pro Series utilizing the NASCAR ARCA Menards Series car. Here at NASCOMonline we strive to keep the competition the best there is and look forward each week to hosting our races for the racing community. Our administrators have worked very hard to build up what we have and will continue to do so towards our common goal of providing and promoting a fun place to race with continued community and league growth.2015-08-08
Nastrack 2016-04-07
National Association of Simulated Stock Car Auto RacingNASSCARNASSCAR (National Association of Simulated Stock Car Auto Racing) is chartered to simulate the ultimate Stock Car Racing Series (NASCAR). What we offer is a unique league format on the iRacing platform that simulates some of the finer points of NASCAR that often get overlooked by other iRacing leagues.2015-02-20
National Auto Racing AssociationNARA 2019-02-16
National Automotive Online Racing Championship AssociationNAORCA 2018-11-15
National Dirt Sim AssnNDSAMilner Media and Design Super Late Models Practice: 7:00CST-8:00EST Drivers Meeting: 7:25CST-8:25EST Heat Races 7:30CST-8:30EST Heat Races (10 Laps Top 2 Transfer) Last Chance Qualifiers (15 Laps) Feature Races (50 Laps 24 Cars Start) JPDesigns Mod Series Hot Laps: 8:30cst/930est Drivers Meeting: 9:05cst/10:05est Heat Races: 10 cars/8 Laps (Top 2 Transfer) LCQ's: 15 Laps (Top 6 Transfer out of each) A-Main: 35 Laps (24 Cars)2020-11-29
National iRacing Dirt SeriesNiDSDirt league that races The NiDS 360 Sprint Car Series on Monday Nights The NiDS Super Late Model Dirt Series on Thursday Nights2017-04-11
National Oval Racing AssociationNORAThe National Oval Racing Association was a league that held only dirt races for the first two seasons. Now we have decided to expand into the asphalt ranks as well! Who will be crowned our first Asphalt Champions?2018-10-30
National Racing LeagueNRL 2021-04-30
National Sim Racing AssociationNSRA 2019-11-18
National Sim Racing LeagueNSRL2021-07-19
National Speed AssociationNSA2019-03-10
National Superspeedway Racing AssociationNSRA 2019-02-16
Nationwide series 2008 2020-12-10
NAVSCAR Racing LeagueNAVSCAR2014-12-06
NB-Results 2018-09-23
New England Heat Sk Mod Series Sunday sk mod series2019-06-22
New England Thunder Modified SeriesNETMS FIXED SK MODS AND OPEN TOUR MODS2014-12-28
New England Winter Heat SeriesNEWHSNew England Winter Heat Sk Modified ® Series2012-11-26
New Zealand Sim RacingNZSR2018-05-31
New Zealand Sim Racing FR20NZSRFR202018-08-22
NewAAAAAa  2016-10-17
NewEdgeRacersN.E.R 2017-11-07
Next Gen Cup LeagueNXTGEN 2015-06-08
Next Level Racing Super SeriesNLRSS 2016-08-14
Nextel Cup iRacing LeagueNCiRLCup & Xfinity league running on Fridays and Saturdays. Join the discord!2021-04-10
NextGen Racing League2020-10-19
NextGen Super Truck ChallengeNGSTC 2020-05-02
NIDWC OvalNIDWC What points would look like under old points system. 2011-03-05
Night Owl RacingNORLThe goal of this league is to provide a place for clean, hard racing drivers, who understand you can’t win a race on lap 1. Also to provide a place to race for people on the west coast, who can’t race on eastern time (Everyone is welcome). All times will be PST and will follow Day Light Saving Time as well. This will be a fixed set-ups series, as this league is geared towards drivers who want to focus on racing, and not building set-ups. Also for drivers who don’t have the time to work on set-ups. All levels of drivers are welcome, so long as you can race clean, and hold a racing line (see rules for more information). Eventually we would like to have several series, that may provide more levels of racing.2020-09-29
Nightmare Sim SeriesNSS A Sim Series of Nascar2020-12-10
NIS OpenNIS Open 2018-09-20
NIS score keepingNISsk  2017-10-27
NLR Stats  2018-03-01
nmnts arca owners pointsnmnts ar owners points2017-01-09
nmnts dirtnmntsd 2017-05-29
nmnts dirt season 2nmntsd 2018-03-04
NMNTS GRAND national seriesnmnts gn 2017-03-02
NMNTS Racing Series Tuesday Night Fixed Cup League 7:30cst-8:30est2017-12-15
nmnts tn design big 4 street stocksnmnts b4 2017-06-11
No Bullshit Racing LeagueNBRLThis is a league for serious IRacers that want good clean racing with no bullshit, admin abuse, or favoritism. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, head over to our website http://www.thenbrl.com2020-06-13
No Excuses Sim SeriesNESS2017-03-23
No Lift Racing LeagueNLRL 2019-10-04
No Limit Racing Thunder SeriesThunderArca Chevy Malibu At High Speeds2020-05-25
No Toad Racing LeagueNTRL 2021-02-06
NOBULL MotorsportNBMThis is an iRacers paradise to where you no longer have to put up with all the BULL you normally do with other I Racing Leagues. With admins having the experience and know how of what it takes to run a league. The league is focused on FIXED SET-UPS in all2011-08-12
Nodak Outlaw Sim LeagueNOSL 2021-02-15
NORA- AsphaltNORA National Oval Racing Association Asphalt series.2018-12-12
NORC iRacing LeagueN.O.R.C 2016-03-02
NORC Superspeedway ChallengeNORCSS2018-01-14
Nordgar Mystery RacesNord Mystery Races 2013-05-09
Norse Force Racing LeagueNFRL2019-09-19
North American Fantasy Arca SeriesNAFAS Brand new fantasy Arca series.2020-05-06
North American Modified Racing ClubNAMRC2009-11-15
North American Racing AssociationNARA dirt league2019-06-24
North American Racing Association (Active)NARA2020-11-16
North American Racing NetworkNARNWe are a League that races closely to the real Nascar , We dont have EOL's and we also have no quick fixes, This is a Money league and we pay out the top 10 drivers along with Championship funds. We run on Saturday nights at 9 pm est and the Chevy Silverados on that night, we also run the Cadillac series on Wednesday night were we run them on oval tracks. The trucks are and open league setup and cost $6.00 to enter the race and again the top 10 are paid out. The Cadillac league is free to run and are fixed setups.2015-04-02
North American Sim Racing AllianceNASRA We are an up and coming league just getting started on IRacing. We are a league who's slogan is 'Built by members for the members', we promote hard but clean racing. We pride ourselves on being fair and consistent with each and every race. We are striving to build a Series where every member feels comfortable and rule #1 is to have FUN!!!2017-02-04
North American Simracing AssociationNASAEstablished in July 2012 running on NASCAR 2003. Made the jump to iRacing in June of 2018. Discord Link:
North American Sportscar TourNAST2018-03-18
North East Online Stock Car AssociationNEOSCAWe run a fixed setup Trucks series on Tuesday nights, as well as a Superspeedway Series (Strictly Daytona and Talladega) on Wednesdays that also features a 3 vehicle rotation (Nationwide, COTand Silverado).2011-10-03
North West Racing AssociationNWRASeason 11 begins January 8th! Monday's @ 10:00pmEST: Open Set Super Late Models: $25 entry for the season Tuesday's @ 10:00pmEST: Open Set Big Block Modifieds: $20 entry for the season Wednesdays @ 11:00pmEST: Fixed Pro Late Models: $15 entry for the season Thursdays @ 10:00pmEST: Fixed Dirt Street Stocks(Pure Stocks) $10 entry for the season2019-10-30
NorthEast RacersN.E.R 2017-03-07
Northwest Club LeagueNWCL 2013-04-14
Northwest Racing SeriesNWTS2016-07-16
Northwest Racing Series (Development and Intermediate drive)NWRSDI Northwest Racing Series is a free to enter league for Northwest club members geared toward new and intermediate drivers.2021-04-29
Northwest TourNW Tour Super Late Model league for northwest iracing members2019-05-28
Nothin' Fancy CWB SeriesNFCWBS 1987 car seasons to get back to real racin'2021-06-14
NSRP MotorsportsNSRPNSRP runs NASCAR based cars and tracks. A progression based league.2020-04-01
NWRS ARCA SeriesNWASThe Northwest Racing Series ARCA League for iRacing Northwest Club members only.2021-03-15
NXTEra Racing LeagueHRES 2020-04-25
Oceanic Endurance ChampionshipOEC 2017-06-18
Oceanic Sim RacingOSROSR was formed to provide Australia-Pacific region Sim racers a well-managed online sim racing league environment. 2012-08-10
OCRP iRacing LeagueOCRP The OCRP iRacing League is an official platform of OCRP that sponsors and hosts series in NASCAR classes. This league is closed to OCRP Members and Admin invitees only.2019-06-13
OCRP Member LeagueOCRP 2020-06-06
OG Racing League 2021-02-28
Ohio Sim RacingOSREntry Level and Mid Level Racing Legue2018-10-31
Ohsweken Outlaws Racing LeagueOORLWe are a group that are passionate about racing and strive to provide a well-managed, adrenalin pumping, door-to-door racing experience for the intermediate driver with very high standards of race-craft, featuring clean racing and drivers that show respect to their fellow competitors with an emphasis on camaraderie and a friendly environment. Members know that they are a part of something bigger than just the on-track experience.2019-05-23
OILRacingOILOnline Independent League Sim Racing. Dirt & Asphalt Sim Racing Since 2011. Official Home of the Sheyenne River Speedway Sim Series. Weekly League Events on rFactor, nr2003, ASRX & iRacing.2017-04-12
Old Donkey Racing LeagueODRL A small league for people who are frustrated with the quality of the racing in public races. Looking to have a good time and some great racing!2020-07-31
Old Farts Sim RacingO.F.S.R. 2013-04-26
Old School LeagueOSLOld School League is a place where you come to hang out, make friends, and have a hell of a good time on track. We're looking for those that might've been around since iRacing started to those that just started out because as long as you can race without crashing into other drivers, you're good to go!2020-12-22
Old School Race LeagueOSRL 2019-01-28
Old School RacingOSRWe are an iracing league.2012-06-03
Old School Racing MotorsportsOSRDirt and short track racing.2018-12-01
One Sim LeagueOSL One Sim League2018-11-23
One9 Motorsports FoundationOne9 2020-09-27
Online Motorsport Community AustralasiaOMCAWelcome to the official page for Online Motorsport Community Australasia Racing events! We insist that all members read and understand the OMCA Rules and Regulations, which include Code of Conduct and reprimanding, racing regulations and event procedures before participating in our events. R&R's, plus all detailed event and championship information, standings, and sign-ups can be found on our website For any questions or comments regarding OMCA events, rules and regulations, please do not hesitate to contact administrator's of this page via Messenger. We will do our best to respond promptly.2020-01-05
Online Racing Club of AmericaORCA 2011-06-25
Online Speedway Racing LeaguesOSRL Thursday nights with the ARCA cars, with a focus on competitive and fun racing.2021-04-14
Online Stock Car AssociationOSCA2021-01-17
Online Stock Car ChampionshipOSCC2019-06-19
Op Elite Cup LeagueOPcup Season 2 Op cup league 2019-03-06
OP Racing 2001 Throwback SeriesOPTS This league will run the full 2001 NASCAR Winston Cup Season using the KNN Chevy Impala and the 2001 Rules Package.2018-10-04
OP Racing Cup SeriesOPRCS TBA2019-08-06
OP Racing Superspeedway Cup 2018-06-06
OP Racing Superspeedway League (Old Points) 2019-03-25
Open Wheel Ladder LeagueOWLL2015-07-30
ORCA RacingORCA2012-02-17
Orelhas de PorcoOP  2011-06-19
Outcast Racing LeagueORL 2019-06-28
Outlaw EsportsOutlaw Home of the Outlaw Super Late Model Series, Outlaw Short Track Truck Series and other great events!2020-08-20
Outlaw LeagueOLLM/SLM Sunday night racing starting at 8pm est2017-01-08
Outlaw Racing LeagueTSOCaddy Series Sunday Nights 8:30 pm EST Practice 9 pm Race Late Model Series Thursday Nights 8:30 pm EST Practice 9pm Race2015-04-27
Outlaw Racing SeriesORSFixed setup! Diverse schedule! Racing every Tuesday, at 3:00pm EST, and Friday, at 7:00pm EST! Apply Today! First race on Friday, June 16th! TUESDAYS: 3:00pm - Server Launch 3:30pm - Line Up for Heats 3:50pm - Hot Laps Session 3:55pm - Feature Race Lineup FRIDAYS: 7:00pm - Server Launch 7:30pm - Qualifying Begins 7:35pm - Grid for Race2017-06-05
Outlaw Short Track SeriesOSTS 2016-03-27
Outlaw United RacingO.U.R 2021-05-21
Outlaws Sim Series 2020-09-02
Output RacingOutputAn asphalt oval league to the late-night racer. Apply today at 2018-06-27
Outsiders Racing LeagueORLOutsider Racing League 2021 Winter Season begins Saturday September 4th NextGen Cars, Custom Fixed Setups, 80% fuel load & 70% fuel load on road courses 13 Race Season, Chase begins at Race 10 A few “Dash for Cash” races are going to be scattered throughout the Season Top 5 Points Finishers, Rookie of the Season, Team, and many others will be awarded prizes at the end of the season. Broadcast Every Saturday at 10pm EST on GlobalSimRacingChannel Practice Opens at 8:00pm est and the Qualifying at 10pm est Bonus Points: (1)Polesitter, (1)Lap led, (1)Most laps led, Halfway leader Bonus for Top 10, (3)Race winner IRating Cap of 5700 our average Strength of Field is ~32002019-01-25
Oval OutlawsOO 2009-12-15
Oval Racing LeagueORLGen-6 every Saturday at 10 PM EST.2014-07-20
P-TECH iRacing League 2020-07-06
Pac 4 - TNRS S17Pac 4Welcome to the Tuesday Night Road series. This series is designed to be a light, rookie and veteran friendly competitive series. Hopefully everyone has someone to race around. Potpourri rules; The winner of the race will pick EITHER the car OR the track for the next race AND the weather AND one secondary decision maker to pick the opposite of what they chose (car or track). In the event that there is a consecutive winner, the weather decision remains theirs but the car/track and secondary person decision goes to the last place finisher. In the event that the Primary decision maker believes that he/she cannot make the next race the throne is passed from the next person down from the winner (2nd place) or next person up from the last place finisher. Obviously, It is okay to miss the race if you have already made a decision, it is a courteousness thing to pass the decision on if you know that you can't make the race. Cars in the current Pacific Majors schedule are off limits. Most importantly: HAVE FUN and turn some laps!2016-03-23
Pace Syndicate EventsPSE Australian Iracing League2018-11-22
Pacific 4Pac4League for members of the California, Northwest, Texas, and West iRacing Clubs2014-12-18
Pacific Minors Racing League Fixed Indy Oval league that follows official iRacing schedule open to all members of Northwest Club league and Pac6 league2017-08-28
Paint the YellowPTYSuperspeedway Racing Community2011-11-10
Pasco's Test LeaguePTL 2021-04-13
Pasky's Cardiac Truck Series Temporary Dan Lisa Page until proper one is handed over2020-01-21
Paskys Cardiac Racing LeaguePaskys2018-05-18
PATRIOT RACINGPRLK&N Series Race on Tuesday 8:35pm est Time 10 Week Schedule iRacing Fixed Set-up Fuel 50%, 1 Reset 1 Drop week in Regular Season Default Weather Street Stock Series Race on Wednesday 8:35pm est Time 10 Week Schedule iRacing Fixed Set-up Fuel 40%, 1 Reset 1 Drop week in Regular Season Default Weather2018-01-17
PE IMSA Dash Series 2018-04-23
Pelican's Snoballs Super Speedway SeriesPelican 2021-04-10
personal  2020-12-06
personal skipskip 2021-06-11
Pink Cadillac Racing GroupPCRGPCRG is an iRacing League created to support 4 series of races and championships during 2017. The group is open to iRacing members, but the site and the series are geared toward a group of mature and respectful drivers, many of whom compete in other specialized leagues.2017-02-27
Pitlanes.comPL.comLeagues from 2012-08-23
PitStall Premire SeriesPSPS 2020-06-28
PKT CHAMPIONSHIPPKT Campeonato GT1&GT32015-05-28
Planeta ZPLZ 2020-07-30
Podium eSports2018-10-29
Porsche 911 - America's CupACUP2019-01-02
Porsche Carrera CupPCCAPorsche Carrera Cup Australia Official One Make Series for the Australian Online Supercar Championship The purpose of this Category is for drivers who enjoy the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car, and want to race in a professional racing series in partnership with generic V8 Supercar Events. It also caters for those drivers who want to compete in a competitive One-Make Feeder class into the V8 Supercar. Teaching many skills for the V8 from Braking, Acceleration, Corner Speed etc. These light, 400HP, Rear Mounted Engine beasts offer great racing!2018-01-05
PORSCHE CARRERA CUP AUSTRALIAPCCAThe purpose of this league is to provide a venue for serious drivers who want to race in a realistic simulated racing series with close, clean, respectable racing. It's a league which will exclude drivers who treat the simulated racing flippantly or insolently, or in any way which diminishes the experience for those who put in hours of practice with an expectation that they will be able to finish every race. The series is a nine round single driver, single class, open setup, multiple format sprint race series. Always 45 minutes of racing on Sunday. Driver, Team, and Masters Championships. Limited full course cautions. One fast repair is granted per session. Drivers accumulating excess incidents will be automatically disqualified. The limit is track and duration dependent.2017-05-04
Porsche Owner's ClubPOC2021-05-04
Precision Racing LeaguePRL 2019-01-24
Premier Race NetworkPRN 2012-02-25
Premier Racing LeaguePRL2015-09-21
Premier Sim RacingPSR2016-05-12
Premier Speed IRacing LeaguePSL2019-03-03
Pretend Racing OnlinePROPretend Racing Online (PRO) is a league that hosts two nights of racing each week. Tuesday nights consist of our Sidewinder Dirt Series, racing a mix of 360 sprint cars and pro late models using a fixed setup. Wednesday night is the home of the Super Showdown Series, which races the Super Late Model on a wide range of tracks including ovals and road courses. We are looking for drivers that value community and comradery, just as much as competition. After all at the end of the day we all do this as a hobby. Visit for all league information including a link to our League Application. 2020-01-21
PrimeTime Sim RacingPTSR Brand new on the league front, PTSR looks to show the world of sim racing what is has to offer through safe and competitive racing. We award real trophies!2015-03-09
Pro Masters SeriesPMS Campeonatos com os carros da categoria GT3 do iRacing2016-12-20
Pro Racing LeaguePRLA Pro Racing League tem por objetivo administrar campeonatos de alto ni­vel atraves do simulador, simulando o maximo possi­vel uma competicao real, porem com as adaptacoes necessarias ao mundo virtual. Estamos sempre abertos a sugestoes, nos moldando para trazer o maximo de diversao e competicao a seus pilotos. Atualmente (T4/2013) estamos em carater de Pre-Temporada, portanto serao disponibilizados, a partir de novembro, eventos individuais gratuitos e pagos, a fim de que, na T1/2014, comecemos nossos campeonatos trimestrais. A PRL agradece seu apoio e interesse e deseja boa sorte para todos seus pilotos.2013-10-22
ProCar Test  2020-08-19
Professional Sim Racing LeaguePSRLWe aim to be one of the best and most competitive sim racing league on iRacing.2018-06-29
PSES iRacing CupPSESCUPPure Speed Elite Series Owner: Richard Rico Broadcaster: FrozenToes24 (Eliza Bethal)2021-05-12
PTRTV Leagues 2016-10-16
Pure StockStreet Stock open sets no heat races2020-07-24
Quebec RacingQR Ligues Quebecoises de course sur simulateur 2013-09-02
QuickTime iRacing LeagueQTiRL 2021-04-20
R&R Legends SeriesRLS If you like clean and hard racing (rubbing not wrecking is racing) this is where you want to be. Throughout the season we will be running the legend car at a variety of short tracks.2021-03-26
R/Indycar iRacing League Tuner Series 2021-03-18
R4R4 2012-07-23
Race Force One Sim LeagueRFOSM2015-09-07
Race Free or DieRFODRace all over the world in the biggest races and the most variety of cars. 51 weeks of racing with over 150 races stuffed into each Monday night (US). We have the only NASCAR style ROAD/OVAL 14 week Chase. 37 weeks of racing before the Chase. 13 drop weeks in the run up to the Chase. All races TV broadcasted at and uploaded to YouTube. $20 Season pass gets you a shot at the $1,000 guarenteed Championship purse Races are on Monday's at 7:00pm EST following the real events. Races are 100% distance and use the weather from the actual event. We use a custom points system that is a cross between all major motorsports. Join the league by visiting our league page on iRacing by clicking this link League details are at
Race1OnlineR1Great League Featuring iRacing Fixed Impala B Series & More!! 2011-07-24
RACECORE Online Racing LeagueXfinity (FIXED) Series MONSTER CUP (FIXED)Series NOSCAR now accepting Drivers for our 12 week Xfinity (FIXED) Series on Sunday nights practice starts at 6:30 pm est.2017-10-28
RaceDepartment.comRDRaceDepartment is the place where real and virtual motorsports meet. It is the largest online community for the worldÂ’s fastest simulated e-sport called simracing. At RaceDepartment you can read and discuss the latest news about both real and virtual moto2012-02-13
RaceLanRaceLanRaceLan, diversão e amizade, venha correr conosco! 2010-09-29
RaceSpot WCS Support SeriesRRSC The RaceSpot WCS Suport series comprises of two series that we run in support of the iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series every Saturday that the WCS events are on. Feauturing fast paced action over 25 / 30 minute races in the FR2.0s and Porsche 911s, this is the perfect way to kick off your Weekend's viewing. 2017-03-16
Racinfreeks Sim Racing LeagueRFRLRacinfreeks Sim Racing League.2014-04-18
Racing 4 Rick World Cup ChallengeR4RWCCRacing for Rick World Cup Challenge - Lotus 49 official iracing Grand Prix Legends series - Saturday 13.30GMT Driver Championship and Nations Constructors Championship Points scored the same as they were in 1967 Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Formula One World Championship2017-06-15
Racing For a CauseR.F.C.Welcome to Racing For a Cause Late Model League. We run Fixed Set Up races on Wednesday Nights. Gates Open at 9pm est. Practice 9:00pm est Qualify 9:30pm est (5 Minutes or 2 Laps) Race Starts at 9:35pm EST.2016-11-05
Racing For JesusRFJ 2011-12-04
Racing For Jesus MotorsportsRFJA league for fun and fellowship. All skill levels welcome all we ask is you race clean and respect your fellow competitors. No swearing, flaming or rough driving allowed.2012-02-28
Racing PromotionsRPRacing anything from Ashpalt Oval to Dirt Oval in Series, one off races, and just to have a good time.2020-12-03
Racing-Leagues.comRLcOceanic and European league
Radical Racing LeagueRRL RRL TNT Series (Riley DP)- Tuesdays @ 8pm EST RRL IndyCar Series (DW12) - Thursdays @ 6:30pm EST2020-10-17
Radical Racing UKRRUK 2014-05-23
Radical Racing UK - Endurance ChampionshipRRUK-EC Radical Racing UK - Endurance Championship 2013-06-11
Raz Sim RacingRazWe been around since 2003 in Papyrus 2003 ... We are a iRacing League/Family and we are about Racing hard but Racing CLEAN ... Its all about respect ... Visit our website at for more info2020-10-18
RC2 Race PromotionsRC2RP Official Data Keeping of RC2RP's Events 2021-02-02
RCGPSRCGPS 2018-08-03
Real Racing OnlineRRO Dirt Series Racing2020-12-13
Real Time Racing LeagueRTRL 2018-12-17
RealSimRacingRSRFixed NASCAR sim-racing since 2012. Live Mondays at 9:00 pm ET on RacespotTV.2014-02-11
Reaper Sim-RacingRSRReaper Sim-Racing Team Stats 2019-10-03
Rebel Racing LeagueRRL 2021-03-28
recruitment seriesrs 2021-05-02
Red Pepper RacingRPR2019-03-28
Red Pepper Racing TestRPRRPR is kicking off its eighth season on Tuesday 28th of March with our first Corvette C7 race at Sebring circuit from 8:30pm (SYD Time) We had a great last season with more and more spots on the grid being filled. Red Pepper Racing is a league that meets every Tuesday night from 8:30pm to 10:30pm (SYD) for some casual racing. We all like to have a joke around and some fun, but when racing we all like it clean and fair. This season we will race C7 week 1, and race the V8 supercar week 2, then repeat. We welcome anyone with open arms, to jump in, have a crack against our drivers with various pace to enjoy a few hours each week of some competitive but enjoyable racing. TEAMSPEAK DETAILS Connect to: IP: Port: 10166 Slots: 20 Password: please ask when in session2017-04-11
Red Six RaceGear LeagueR6RG2020-05-14
Red Sox RacingRSR 2009-10-31
Redline MotorsportsRMiRacing 100% hardcore truck series2011-04-20
Redline RacingRRL 2019-10-15
Redline Racing SeriesRRS2020-12-27
Relentless Racing SeriesRRSWe are a league based around the Trucks, Xfinity and Cup cars Races will be on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday Nights2018-08-06
Renegade Racing LeagueFRLRenegade Racing League2020-05-02
Renegades of DirtRoD 2019-08-30
Rennlist Racers 2014-02-05
Revenger CupRCXXLThis is a fun racing league it is unique as the the winner picks the next track to race at second place pick the car to drive and third pick the condition each one of these pick are entered anonymously witch is the best part. we are always having fun and driving clean2020-05-17
Rickys Racing LeagueRRL 2018-02-13
RINCON RACING CAMPEONATOSRRCCampeonatos Organizados por Rincon Racing 2017-01-27
Rise up RacingRUR Dirt racing league2021-01-22
Rivalry RacingRivRac2017-07-08
Rjm MotorsportsRjm2019-01-10
RKRS Thursday Thunder Thursday thunder uses the lotus 79 to simulate the Super Modified. Short track oval racing at it's fastest. No track over 1 mile in length will be in play. The rest are fair game.2016-03-17
Road Course World SeriesRCWSWelcome to the Road Course World Series. We race the Class B Nationwide car on road courses. It's sure to be exciting so please check us out!2013-10-09
Road Pro Tracking  2016-11-05
Road Runner Cup SeriesRRCS2019-02-16 Indycar Speedway LeagueISL We are a league that runs both the IR05 and DW12 Indycars. The DW12 series runs on Sunday nights at 8 PM Eastern US and IR05 runs on Tuesday nights at 8:30 PM Eastern US. 2017-05-02
Roc Wyler RacingRWR Caution Men Playing! Welcome to Roc Wyler Racing. We are a core group of drivers that have raced together for over 5 years. Our goal is to keep it friendly first and foremost. You may be the best driver in iRacing but if you do not have the right attitude you will not last long here. We do not tolerate call outs of any sort. We ask that if involved in an incident you take a moment to compose yourself, get your emotions in check, and continue racing. If you do call someone out you will immediately be subject to a verbal warning, removal from the race and or ejection from the league. Yes we do take it that serious. Otherwise light up the radio with some good humor, jokes or friendly interaction at any time. Please keep in mind we have several drivers with disabilities as well as many seasoned drivers in there 60's, 70's and even 80's. Remember a good time usually includes a smile so put one on, and come on in, and lets have some fun.2020-07-24
RODDCARRODDCARThe longest running Superspeedway league on iRacing2021-01-09
rogue driver indy dev seriesRDIDS2018-12-05
Rolling ThunderShort Track and Speedway league racing, using the iRacing platform.2021-02-22
Rolling Thunder Gaming.comRTGThis league is ran by Rolling Thunder gaming and there admins. RTG is primarily a NR2003 based community and has now decided to branch off into Iracing Dirt. This is a Dirt Street Stock and pro2 lite dirt track league designed with beginners in mind using fixed setups. All you need is the basic membership plus 3 dirt tracks you will need to purchase (Knoxville, Lernerville and Volushia. We will run the 5 tracks this season. We will run each Friday night beginning January 3,2020. Server will open for practice at 8pm est. and Qualify at 8:30. A full race format will follow with heats, a single Consi if needed and A main. We will alternate which mod start the night out each week, but will run races with both mods each week. Before Racing with us please read our rules here - You can join us on TeamSpeak3 here RTG Team Speak 3 Info IP: TS PW: gofaster2019-10-25
Rolling Thunder Racing LeagueRTRL2010-01-23
Rookie Legends SeriesRLSRookie legend car racing.2010-06-11
Route 66 Summer Speedway SeriesFND Summer Speedway series with the Trucks and the '87 Monte Carlo and T-Bird.2020-05-27
RRUK TrucksRRUKT UK based Truck Oval League2016-04-12
RTC iRacing LeagueRTC RTC iRacing League2020-12-16
RTFT All Star Racing LeagueRTFT2016-10-04
RTRL KNRTRL 2018-09-27
Rumblestrip Racing GTRGT 2014-12-19
Rumblestrip Racing League 2015-01-23
Rumblestrip Racing League Open Wheelers Rumblestrip Racing League - Tuesday Night Open Wheelers2020-08-10
Rumblestrip Sim RacingRmblStrpRumblestrip is not just a group of drivers but a loose family of race fans that spend time together in iRacing as well as real life racing events. The primary goal is to have a good race and display a positive and professional attitude. Our aim is to ensure that all of our races are fun for drivers of any level. We value positive and friendly drivers. Super Cereal™ racers are also welcome with the understanding that clean and friendly racing is the focus of this league. The races should be quality events that welcome are inclusive of all drivers. All members who demonstrate what is to be a Rumblestripper have input to how Rumblestrip works.2019-03-14
Runner-Up RacingRURRunner-Up Racing (RUR) is a close-knit sim racing community devoted to safe, high-adrenaline motorsports action. At RUR, we acknowledge that although someone will be scored as finishing first at the drop of the checkered flag, we all finish second under our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We run our league through every Tuesday and Thursday nights. Currently, the SpeedCross Series runs Tuesdays at 9:30 PM EST, and the Throwback Series runs Thursdays at 9:30 PM EST.2014-03-24
Rush Sim RacingRSR 2019-06-17
Rute Racing Series 2018-07-03
Salt Flat RacingSFRStreet stocks on Non standard tracks. Track List: Charlotte(Free) Phoenix(Free) Pocono(Free) Darlington Dover Bristol All-Star Race Location TBA Bye Week Las Vegas Auto Club Gateway Michigan(free) Chicagoland Fixed Set Ups Limited Fuel2018-09-12
Salt Flat Racing Iroc Series 2019-11-26
Salt Flat Racing SeriesSFRr 2019-09-17
Sandgroper Sim RacingSSR Sandgroper Sim Racing is a league started by people who once attended the Albany Racing LAN. Enjoyable competitive racing with a fun core group.2020-04-12
SARG (Sim Auto Racing Group)SARGCompetitive and professional leagues on iRacing! Currently hosting the SARG Superspeedway Series and the SARG Legends Car Series!2019-01-02
SARG Exhibition/Special Events The exhibition and special event side of Sim Auto Racing Group (SARG). Used for All Star Races, fun seasons, and special events. 2020-07-15
Saturday Night FeverSNF 2020-06-14
Saturday Night Showdown SeriesSNSS 2020-06-12
saturday night styleSNSSee our website for details!2010-11-09
Saturday Night ThunderSNTSaturday Night Superspeedway League. We run A class, B class and Trucks at Daytona and Talladega. There is an Overall Champion crowned and also one for each car series.2010-09-30
SBS RacingPRC-SSS 2014-04-10
SCCA Foundation eMajors Tour This SCCA league is more about camaraderie than winning. To keep our sanity during these shutdowns in SCCA racing around the country, we have decided to try and keep things going with a virtual race series that does its best to replicate the paddock in a typical raced weekend - a range of skill levels, experts helping rookies, and friendly competition.2020-12-13
SCRS (Sim Championship Racing Series)SCARS FCSim Championship Racing Series is geared towards amateur iRacing drivers looking to have some fun and competitive action. We will begin with a fixed setup Ferrari Challenge series and hopefully continue to grow to do more things!2017-06-12 Super SeriesSC Super Series / Ohio2011-11-03
Season 2 preseason 2020-11-13
sebavts@hotmail.comTCRChile Campeonato organizado por y para la comunidad de simracers de Chile, que utilizan iRacing2020-08-06
Second2None Motorsports presented by DUIS2N Second2None Motorsports presented by Dui's and Dinger's wil be running a dirt winged 360 league running from January through March. Saturday nights with 2 shows starting at 8pm EST for practice and 8:20 EST for qualifying with a 30 lap feature after qualifying. Track will reset to 5% for the early show and carry over for the feature. Second show will go off at 10pm EST (or after the early show is over) with qual at 10:20 EST. The track will reset to 10% for qual and carry over for the 30 lap feature. Both races will count for points. Week 1 Race 1 will be the early race and week 1 race 2 will be the late race. That will give us 18 races in 9 weeks of racing. Points will be done through DanLisa using the Nascar point system.2018-12-02
SecondHand RacingSHRiRacing mixed League2019-05-13
Sendit eSportsFNPM2021-02-17
SESRA Classic ChampionshipSESRA#thursdaysarefortheboys. Classic stock car racing, broadcast live on the Esport Network.2020-10-13
Shamick F3 SeriesShamick 2020-04-26
Sharpe Motorsports 2018-03-07
Shift+F1 iRacing SeriesSF1 2020-08-01
Shine Runners RacingSRR2015-05-07
Short Track Auto Racing Club 2SHARC2018-12-02
Short Track National ShowdownSTNS2016-04-27
short track nationals 2018STN 18 2018-06-07
Short Track Pro CupSTPCWhere Pedal to the Metal Isn't Good Enough! Get back to roots racin' and experience the excitement of a summer night at the local short track. Each week you climb into your car and race some of the finest short track ovals in North America.2009-10-21
Short Track Shoot Out SeriesSTSOS 6 Race Seasons rotating between Late Models, Super Late Models and ARCA cars after the completion of each championship2019-05-18
Short Track SimSTSMonday night late models. Alternating weeks of open and fixed setups.2013-05-13
Short Track Super LeagueSTSL Short Track Super League Thursday Tour Modifieds2020-07-04
Short Track Super League Crown Jewel Special EventsSTSLCJ Special Events!2020-05-27
Short Track Super League Truck ThursdaysSTSL TT Truck Thursdays!2020-07-03
SHSR - SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS SERIESSHSRSouthern Highlands Sim Racers This weekly league is made up of people from the Southern Highlands and south of Sydney as a result of meeting through the Race Stars business 2017-2019.2019-06-30
Shut up and race king of dirt series 2021-03-24
SHUT UP AND RACE!!!SUARSHUT UP AND RACE!!! is a casual league designed to take you back to your racing roots by running the Street Stock Class. We want hard quality racing to take you back to a simpler time, where the cars are easier to handle and banging fenders was a natural occurrence. We want a Saturday Night local track feel in this racing tour.2019-03-13
Sidewinder Racing LeaguesSRL 2021-04-30
Signature ENASCAR Cup SeriesSEC 2020-08-06
Signature Truck SeriesSWM 2020-08-25
Signature XFINITY LeagueSXL 2020-06-26
Sim Auto Racing AssociationSARA2012-10-02
Sim Auto Racing Association DirtSARADIRT2017-05-23
Sim Racers AsiaSRA 2020-10-11
Sim Racers Club of AmericaSRCA 2018-07-01
Sim Racers EdgeSRE2020-08-29
Sim Racing AuthoritySRA2013-04-28
Sim Racing Authority Endurance ChampionshipSRAEC  2014-01-08
Sim Racing for KartersSR4K Sim Racing for Karters2021-03-23
Sim Racing GroupSRG2010-12-25
Sim Racing ObserverSRO 2019-03-13
Sim Racing Unleashed [SRU]SRUSRU Tiered Nascar racing league. Cup (Sunday), Xfinity (Wednesday) Gen 6 (Thursday) Trucks (Friday) with practice starting at 6:30pm ET and qualifying/race at 8pm ET. A great league to have fun. We race hard, but we race as friends!2019-01-06
Sim World MotorsportsSWM2021-02-09
Sim500Iracing NASCAR oval series2017-03-13
Sim500 BackupSim500 2019-05-19
SIMCARSIMInvite only, open-set truck league 2018-05-23
SimdriversSDRSCarreras Hosted en iRacing para miembros del club iberia. La serie FUN son carreras sin puntos en juego. Las series CHAMP son campeonatos. 2010-05-29
SimGamerz (The Barn Racing League)SG 2011-01-29
SimLimited RacingSLRWelcome to SimLimited iRacing! We aim to hold our events every Saturday fortnight to include the following format- Practice Qualifying Race from 8:30pm AEST (UTC 10:00)2015-01-24 is a european Simracing-Community founded in 2010. Our main goal are fair and clean online races are friendliness, tolerance and respect are way more important to us than speed.2013-12-28
Simracer Coin Road to Indy Elite SeriesRTIE 2020-07-07
SimRacingPLSRPL  2009-11-11
simRacingPRSIMPR 2020-03-18
SIMRIGS.COMSRLN Join our discord for weekly GT3 sessions @ Rules: Respect your competitors Throw big sends, but race fair Have fun! No intentional wrecking or paybacks Don't loose your cool, stay chill!2020-10-02
SimSync PROSSPRO2010-10-13
Simulated Sports Car AssociationSSCASimulated Sports Car Association2011-07-22
Simulation Motorsports Club of AmericaSMCA2014-11-15
Simverse Oval RacingSMVRS 2021-04-30
Simverse Road RacingSRR 2021-07-12
SimWorld MotorsportsSWMRacing at its best since 2005!2019-08-11
SinB Dirt Racing LeagueSinB  2019-07-10
SJRL87RT Historically accurate season with the 1987 Winston Cup cars.2020-06-13
Skip Barber Monday Night LightsMNLThe premier Australian SOF race for the official iRacing Skip Barber Series. This race is broadcast by Top Split TV on youtube: iRacing forum:
Slide Jawb RacingSLJBCup and K&N League2018-07-29
Slide Jawb Racing LeagueSJRL 2020-09-02
Slide Jawb Super Late Model SeriesSJSLM2021-03-28
Slideways eSports ChampionshipSECSerie Slideways eSports Championship2020-06-15
Slideways Go Karting E-Series  2020-04-28
Slingin Dirt Racing LeagueSDRL2017-03-14
Slingshot MotorsportsSSM 2018-12-06
SLINGSHOT MOTORSPORTS SS DIRTSSM Slingshot Motorsports Dirt StreetStock Sunday Night Series2020-11-01
Snail Speed Racing LeagueSSRL2021-03-15
Snowstorm Open Wheel IRacing SeriesWOIS 2020-11-09
SoDak iRacing LeagueSDiRLThis is the sanctioning body for the SoDak iRacing facebook groups potential 'track promoters' format.2018-01-24
SoG racing cupSoGStreet stock racing. S.O.G. is a respected iRacing league.   People looking for a place to have fun, respectable, door to door sim racing are always welcome.  With a strong emphasis on respect for the individual we are certain that you will have a great experience racing with us.   Send us a league application via the iRacing website to get started !  Hope to see you on the track !2015-12-13
Solstice Racing2019-11-04
Sorry for partyingSFP 2020-11-02
Southeast Coast Series.SCS2021-06-08
Southeast Sim Racing AssociationSESRA 2019-09-18
Southern Creation RacingSCR 2021-07-13
Southern GentlemanSG  2013-05-07
Southern Late Model SeriesSLMSLate model league racing2011-01-13
Southern MotorSportsSMRLSouthern MotorSports2014-11-21
Southern Racing OnlineSRO2011-11-16
Spain Sim Racing ClubSSRCFORD GT 2011-06-16
Spec MX-5 Challenge eSeriesSM5Chal 2018-12-17
Speechless Racing LeagueSRL Welcome to Speechless Racing! We are all about doing unimaginable stuff while still keeping the racing close and clean for our competitors. This league will still be more laid-back than other leagues while still having those main factors. We prioritize in racing pro truck endurance racing and our new Cup Series that will have a $20 prize pool. We have a Discord which would be advised to join for announcements, join here- . Happy racing :)2019-06-16
Speed AffairSASpeed Affair Speed Affair was first founded under a different name TNT back in 2008 for a NASCAR 09 league. The league name was later changed to Speed Affair. Speed Affair lead to the creations of such leagues of Speed Sector which was the Home of NASCAR The Game and F1 and Anarchy Motorsports Server later re-branded Anarchy Motorsports Series. finally after a three year hiatus Speed Affair is making it's return on Iracing.2013-09-09
Speed51 eSportsS51S2020-03-21
SpeedFactor BrasilSFBA ESR é uma Liga Virtual de Simuladores de Automobilismo. Uma parceira com uma nova Proposta onde une Pilotos , Equipes ,Comunidades de Automobilismo Virtual , Loja de Equipamentos e Serviços de Manutenção , Tudo num só lugar . Seja Afiliado. VENHA FAZER PARTE DA ESR2016-10-19
Speedzone eSports SeriesSeS 2020-05-23
Spenard Super SeriesSPNRD2017-01-14
SportsmanERL_S 2020-05-11
Squirrel Nation Racing LeagueSNRL2020-11-05
SR4MHSR4MH 2019-01-10
SRCASRCA03TS 2019-08-25
SRCA -- Sim Racers Club of AmericaSRCA Sim Racers Club of America, established in 2009 as the Lightning Cup Championship, and rebranded into the SRCA in 2019, provides a fair and competitive environment for all sim racers.2018-11-27
SRCA Indycar SeriesICSAn Indycar league using the DW12 on ovals and IR18 on road courses. More ovals than road courses. Fixed setups.2019-03-27
SRCA Pro Mazda SeriesSRCA2000A racing league using the Pro Mazda cup cars.2018-07-20
SRCA Superspeedway SeriesSRCASSS The Superspeedway series in SRCA. Sim Racers Club of America.2020-03-25
SRF LeagueSRFL A league for SRF enthusiasts who want to race more than base content and without multi-class racing. All license and skill levels are welcome!2012-02-02
SRLA ~ Sim Racing League of AmericaSRLA2019-06-07
SRST RacingSRSTOur league is focused on the grassroots of oval racing. We are a league for those who love the excitement and challenge of short tracks. Each season we host three separate series featuring cars built for the short tracks of America.2015-05-29
SSR iLeagueSSRiL 2009-12-28 Advanced LegendsSRL 2021-06-03
Star Mazda Australian ChampionshipSMAC Star Mazda Australian Champion run to mirror the V8 Supercar schedule. Races are 100km.2015-01-04
Stars N StripesSNS 2020-05-29
Steel Horse RacingSHRMonday Night Nationwide COT Series2011-07-10
Steve TurnerLTRLLeft Turner Racing League is a league for Steevo's and Vibe's viewers. We race mainly for fun but to also have clean races.2020-04-17
Steve's Cool Test League40 2021-07-10
Stirling Sim Racing Academy 2020-11-01
Stock Cars On RoadSCOR2020-07-17
Stonecold RacingSCR2021-05-25
STR Sim RacingSTR 2017-10-24
STR SimRacingSTR SK Modifieds2020-04-17
Street Stock SundaysSS-SSunday night Street Stock racing, race short tracks mostly, sometimes a big track, and sometimes a road course2011-12-02
streetstocksunday2ss-s2street stock sunday league every sundays 2013-02-01
Strictly Street Stock SeriesSSSStreet Stocks ran on thursday nights.Short races but back to the roots of it all2019-10-09
STSS Weekly Late Model SeriesSTSSSTSS is looking for serious short track racers who love running the short tracks. We are looking for 20-25 drivers that are looking for a league to race with the same drivers on a weekly basis. This League will only be open to A,B,C,and D drivers. Absolutely no Pro/WC drivers allowed. It will be a Fixed sets in all series.2015-06-15
SUB RacingCR212021-06-04
Summer ShootoutSS Street Stock Summer Shootout2020-05-21
Sunday Night LightsSNL2015-05-18
Sunday Night Lights TS 2019-12-02
sunday night super truck seriessnsts truck series league2013-12-06
Sunday Super LatesSSL The S.S.L. is an eSports league based primarily in the Northeast of the United States bringing you fixed setup Super Late Model racing every Sunday Night. We strive to bring some of the most competitive racing in eSports. The S.S.L. League is brought to you by Teddy Bear Graphics and Impact Auto Body.2020-05-17
Sunday Truck Development SeriesSTDS 2016-01-18
Sunny South RacewaySSRVLT 2015-07-04
Super Championship RacingSCROld School NASCAR League (Gen 4s)2017-08-11
Super Speedway KingsS.S.K Kings Of The Super Speedway2020-11-22
SupercarsNZSCZRDescription For those New Zealanders wanting to race the V8s on iracing we have dedicated team of four admin ready to produce a great environment for racing . Supercars - this is our first Season so our Admin Team will learn as we go . We are looking at live Race control and streaming systems at the moment. Our Goal is to offer a premium event that caters to NZ'rs. As we are into half iracing season already we will iron through things as racing goes. We will also be requesting drivers send in info / mug shots and follow certain requirements car graphics wise. Drivers will be featured and we will run Youtube videos. We want to complete the simulation experience We are accepting people that live in NZ and Kiwis living abroad only ! Our main aim is to cater for NZ players with NZ based times, currently the other series have us NZ racers racing at midnight which isnt ideal. SuperCars NZ would like to Thank Tint Magic New Plymouth , DSA Design , SignRight and K&N Spray Painting.2020-04-26
Superior Class Auto RacingSCAR2019-08-15
Superior Class Auto Racing - IronmanSCAR-I 2021-01-31
Superspeedway CupSSCUP 2012-08-31
Superspeedway EnduroSSENDURO  2013-05-05
Superspeedway ESportsSSE2019-03-29
Superspeedway Team SeriesSSTEAM 2013-09-28
Superspeedway Truck (Championship)SSTRUCK  2013-02-21
Superspeedway Truck (Races)SSTRUCK3  2013-05-05
Superspeedway Truck (Weekly)SSTRUCK2  2013-05-05
Sure Fire Racing LeagueSFRLWelcome to Sure Fire Racing league! Sure Fire Racing was born out of the necessity for an integrity driven arena that all drivers can feel good about and can call home!. It's also the culmination of former leagues and passionate drivers that want to provide an even playing field. Former S.N.T.R. Owner Jim Whaley Jr. and Terry Walters have brought with them the vision of a family, that happens to race. It is this camaraderie that will infuse Sure Fire Racing to be different and successful! We enjoy clean & fun racing while still maintaining that competition in championship type seasons. All iRacers are welcome to join from Rookie to A Class License. We want good clean, safe & competitive racing. We have a TeamSpeak Account for members to use during the races and a well known scoring system for championships.2015-12-21
Swedish Oval LeagueSOLSvensk oval liga!2019-04-02
Sweet Tea's BBQSTSPay out League for Discord Server 2019-06-10
Swift-MotorsportsSWIFT SWIFT-MOTORSPORTS MISSION STATEMENT SWIFT MOTORSPORTS provides a place where drivers can compete in a family friendly environment where we promote fun, fair, and respectful racing in a controlled atmosphere. ALL drivers associated with SWIFT MOTORSPORTS shall represent the league in a postitive manner.2020-07-03
Swiss iRacing FederationSiFThe Swiss iRacing Federation is a league that organises championships for sim-racers from Switzerland.2018-06-13
SYM TV Racing League2019-07-21
Synergy Dirt Racing SeriesSDRS305 Wing Sprint Car Series2019-02-02
Synology GT3 2017-05-18
T-Rex Racing LeagueTREXTrucks that run Fridays at 10 eastern with a custom schedule. Always open to new members.2017-04-14
T17Racing ChampionshipT17RCHLiga interna para miembros del equipo T17Racing 2017-04-11
T3 eSports 2021-01-09
TachedOut MotorsportsTOM2011-11-27
Tasman CupTCTo Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Tasman Cup Every Thursday Night 8.30pm AEDT 09:30GMT on the official iRacing Grand Prix Legends Series We will have a World Championship where the winner is rewarded the Grand Prize of $10 iRacing credits! Highlight Videos will be made to capture all the excitement of this legendary 50th Anniversary special!2017-02-19
tbatba  2020-07-02
TCR CupTCR Cup2021-02-23
TCR Sprint Car SeriesTCRiS Winter Series, running 410 sprint cars on fixed setups Tuesday nights! You want the best? Here's where they race.2020-11-03
Team Goon SquadTGS 2021-05-20
Team Gridline UK & Euro V8 Supercar ChampionshipTGL V8S Team Gridline Introduces the UK & Euro friendly V8 Championship 2013-04-25
Team OppositelockOPPO This is the official League of the Oppositelock Community. Find us on
Team Sport Racing OnlineTSR Late Model League for both individuals and teams to run for Championships 2011-12-10
Team TasmanAGSS 2012-06-28
Team VLRVLRHome of the top dirt series in all of sim racing!2020-02-05
TeamVLR.comVLRWe originally started in the game Dirt Track Racing 2 and have made the switch to iRacing and are looking to become a well recognized league over here as well.2017-04-23
Technical Knockout Racing LeagueTKRL Fixed iRacing Series Knockout Points Structure2019-10-11
Test League for DevelopmentTLD 2020-09-23
TEST4799TES TEST2021-01-27
testertest 2020-04-11
testing 2020-08-17
testingngj 2016-12-01
testtesttestttt 2017-08-09
Texas LeagueTXLFocused on less stress and more fun. We have a short rule book, our drivers only need to have a little common sense instead of remembering a long list of rules.2012-08-27
That's Right Racing LeagueTRLMS  2012-10-10
The CCCCCC2021-04-27
The Club Series - StatsTCS 2016-09-11
The Cup SeriesSMCSSunoco Cup Series2021-01-25
The Dogs of Racing Endurance LeagueTDoRELSwitching over to Danlisa while making some other changes through the league for our 10th straight season. We offer 4 series currently as follows: "Jack Russel" Series 5 cars in a single class ~ MX-5 Cup ~ MX-5 Roadster ~ SCCA Spec Racer Ford ~ Pontiac Solstice ~ Rookie Pontiac Solstice (to be replaced with the 2016 MX-5 upon release) This series runs on 3/4 free venues and are rebalanced as often as needed to ensure equal opportunity for all vehicles to come in 1st. Restricted fuel to ensure 1 mandatory pit stop. Runs Every Sunday @ 11am MST "Mastiff" Series 5 cars in 3 classes ~ Open Wheel ~ Formula Star Mazda ~ GT1 ~ Aston Martin DBR9 GT1 ~ Chevrolet Corvette C6R GT1 ~ GT3 ~ BMW Z4 GT3 ~ McLaren MP4-12C GT3 2 hour races every Sunday at 3pm MST *Team Event although solo drivers are allowed "Keeshond" and "Ridgeback" Series These two series have a custom vehicle rotation system that utilizes all vehicles on iRacing, with the least used vehicle every week, get's rotated out, and another one comes in based on iRacing's official power-weight ratios. This season we're bringing it down to a 3 class system to boost participation within the classes. All tracks for these two series are chosen by a member vote that lasts for most of the season. ~Ridgeback Series runs on Saturdays @ 2pm MST for 2.5 hours *TEAM EVENT although solo drivers are allowed* ~Keeshond Series runs on Sunday's @ 8am MST for 1.5 hours We also host 15, 2-hour practices in open hosted rooms for both recruiting and practice for all 4 weekend events. ~ Early practice - 9am MST Mon-Fri ~ Midday practice - 1pm MST Mon-Fri ~ Late practice - 7pm MST Mon-Fri2014-06-18
The Filthy ClubTFC2020-12-14
The Grit TourTGTThe Grit Tour is an online racing series dedicated to providing the toughest challenge in oval racing and paying tribute to its history. The Grit Tour races at all paved oval racing circuits on iRacing and provides excitement for drivers and spectators.2018-09-08
The Harvest Invitational by Cosmik MotorsportsTHI  2018-07-25
The High Line Racing League (HLRL)HLRL 2020-04-12
The ISOWC IndyCar SeriesISOWCNow in it's 4th season, the ISOWC remains the only IndyCar Series To Offer Full Lengh IndyCar Racing, All Season Long. Once Again, Are YOU Ready For The Toughest Challenge In All Of IndyCar?2011-10-07
The Lads Grand Natty SeriesLGNS League made for Lads and Invitees2020-08-19
The Misfits Racing LeagueMMRL 2018-02-25
the Mod Squadmod sk mods official/unofficial2015-02-16
The Northern Super Late Model SeriesNSLMS  2010-03-08
The Not Ready For Sunday Night Racing League V2TNRFSNRLThis is a just for fun league! We will be racing the latest Nascar Trucks using a fixed setup. Server info and Server will open at 8 PM Eastern on Sunday Night. Server will have a 10 minute practice, 2 Lap Lone Qualify, and Race will start immediately after. If everyone has qualified before the time expires, Admins will advance the session. Those who choose not to qualify will start from the back but must let us know so we can advance the session.2020-05-13
The OCRLThe OCRL2013-04-26
The OutlawsTSO2014-12-22
the Outlaws Iracing LeagueOIL 2021-03-14
The Pit Stall Premier SeriesTPSPS 2020-11-12
The RCRLRCRL2010-07-16
The RegularsREGThe Regulars league was formed with the intention of giving newer drivers a chance to compete and learn with more experienced drivers on-line. The fields consist of drivers with a wide range of talent so there is competition at every level.2011-01-27
The ROSE DW-12 SeriesROSE The ROSE Series is designed to provide a realistic open-wheel sim experience (ROSE). The challenges facing real world drivers and teams are numerous, the ROSE Series attempts to capture that. Aiming to provide truly high quality racing, ROSE intends to take the racing experience of iRacing one step further.2014-11-11
The Sim Racers ClubSRC 2018-09-26
The Sim Racing NetworkSRN2018-12-14
The Sim Racing UnionSRU A new league starting in 20192019-06-19
The underworld dirt street series Dirt street stock league. We race on Tuesday nights at 8:30 eastern.2020-07-08
The United Southern Racing LeagueUSRL**UNITED SOUTHERN RACING LEAGUE** Welcome to the New Home for door to door action!2016-08-02
Three Wyde RacingTWR All NASCAR vehicles that will run at Dega.. Daytona and Michigan 2012-11-02
Throttle Down Racing LeagueTDRLThrottle Down Racing League runs NASCAR based series on Wednesday nights beginning at 8:30 PM EST!2017-03-24
Throwback Thunder Series2020-04-26
Thunder By The River eSportsTBTRVirtual Huntsville Speedway Racing2019-05-18
Thunder Road Racing LeagueTRRL 2020-08-17
Thursday Night ThunderTNT  2021-01-09
TI RACINGNew League using the IndyCar. 8 week seasons. Champion at the end of the season gets $100. Sponsors are - Asheville Rooftop Bar Tours, BK Paints, LD Concepts, Jim Cook Chevrolet, Barber Ford, LMC Gear.com2020-06-12
Tidal Influence Lotus 49 World Cup ChampionshipL49WCCTidal Influence Lotus 49 World Cup Championship pits Drivers against Drivers and Nations against Nations in order to find what Nation has the best Drivers GSRC will provide the professional Broadcast You provide the professional driving We provide the Prize Money free to race and open to anyone to enter Sunday Nights 19.30GMT every week of iRacing Season 2 2017 Grand Prix Legends2017-03-16
TimechallengeTCPROSprint & Endurance Races2012-02-25
tn design non winged sprint car series