League Series

The Checkered Flag Racing League is home on the Simulation racing every Tuesday Night in various cars, at various tracks, and various formats. We continue to grow the league and make history as the CFRL has a lot of it!
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ActiveSeries NameURLStatsDescriptionCreatedNum Seasons
Yes B-Car Series CFRL Major Series run by Shayne Therrien and sanctioned by the CFRL. The series provides racing for those looking to make the progress up to the CFRL Cup Series. Runs Wednesday Nights weekly. May 14, 2016 3
No Special Events   All Special Events that are NOT part of a CFRL sanctioned season of racing events. These events include solo-events that have payouts and special formats. Nov 11, 2017 2
No IndyCar Championship   IndyCar debuts in CFRL for a points racing season with guaranteed fun and great competition weekly. Apr 26, 2017 1
No Cup Series CFRL Major Series that takes place in between February and June for the (a) season and August through November for the (b) season Racing the NASCAR Chevy SS, Ford Fusion, and Toyota Camry every Tuesday Night. Each season consists of 18 races. Jun 11, 2015 4
No Truck Series CFRL Major Series that takes place every Sunday Night along with the Cup Series Season racing the NASCAR Chevrolet Silverado & NASCAR Toyota Tundra. Season consists of 15 races. Dec 21, 2014 1