3 Wide Racing was established in July 2011 to offer fellowship, competition, and great racing. We look to provide the best racing experience possible online. 3 Wide Racing has a core of experienced drivers that all have the common goal of fast, clean, friendly racing in a fun atmosphere. As there are plenty of other leagues out there, 3Wide puts seasons and now years under it's belt. We aim to be one of the best organized online racing simulation communities out there. Feel free to ask any of our drivers what it's like to go 3Wide!
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ActiveSeries NameURLStatsDescriptionCreatedNum Seasons
Yes EisenDesigns Retro Series     Mar 4, 2020 1
Yes Pro 2 Lite Series     Jan 26, 2020 1
Yes Triple Crown     Jan 11, 2018 7
Yes Driver Development Series     Jan 11, 2018 2
Yes Drive4SP Sprint Car Series     Jun 4, 2017 1
Yes 3ROC Series     Feb 27, 2016 3
Yes Cold Hard Art Cup Series     Feb 6, 2016 5
Yes YNZR Graphics Unreal Tour (Truck Series)     Sep 3, 2015 3
Yes Nathan Young Designs B-Car Series     Aug 30, 2015 4
Yes Grand National Division     Aug 15, 2015 2
Yes 3 Wide Racing YNZR Graphics Super Late Model Tour     Aug 15, 2015 2
Yes 2015 3Wide Racing Rumble     Aug 15, 2015 1