Welcome to Christian Racing

Christian Racing is more than an iRacing League, it is meant to be a place to enjoy the iRacing simulation, make the most of good fellowship, and hopefully build new friendships. No one person here is perfect, and mistakes can be made. All members, and attendees, are expected to treat their fellow competitors with respect and kindness. Disrespectful behavior during races, events, or on social media (such as Discord or Facebook) platforms may be subject to penalization at the discretion of the League Administration. Personal attacks, vocal jabs, “flaming”, bullying, or anything determined hurtful or belligerent will not be tolerated during or after events.
Come for the racing and stay for the fellowship you won't find a better combination.
See Ya At The Track!
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ActiveSeries NameURLStatsDescriptionCreatedNum Seasons
Yes Special Events Thursday Winter Series Apr 18, 2020 5
Yes Thursday Night Trucks using Fixed Setups. Oct 9, 2014 31
Yes Tuesday Night Next Gen cars using Fixed Setups. Oct 9, 2014 11
Yes Monday Night Class B Cars Fixed Setup Oct 6, 2014 22