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Big Red
A Sim Racing Community. We welcome novices, as well as veterans to all of our Racing Series. If you're looking for a friendly, yet competitive place to race, then Big Red Racing may be exactly what you're looking for.
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ActiveSeries NameURLStatsDescriptionCreatedNum Seasons
Yes BRR Fixed Setup Cup Series     Sep 23, 2011 1
Yes BRR Fixed Setup Nationwide Series   Jun 27, 2011 4
Yes BRR Test/Practice Sessions     Sep 24, 2010 3
Yes BRR Special Events     Sep 24, 2010 4
Yes BRR Fixed Setup Indycar Series     Aug 16, 2010 6
Yes BRR Fixed Setup Truck Series BRR Fixed Setup Truck Series May 9, 2010 8
No BRR Fixed Setup Late Model Series BRR Fixed Setup Late Model Series Sep 23, 2010 2
No BRR Advanced Legend Series     May 10, 2010 1
No BRR Late Model Series     Mar 31, 2010 1
No BRR Legends Cup     Feb 22, 2010 1
No BRR Silverado Super Speedway Challenge     Feb 22, 2010 1