Early Bird Racing Sim Racing League was founded in November 2013, with a mission of providing a realistic racing environment, one with emphasis on clean racing and respect. EBR is an early Saturday morning league for those of us that prefer that type of schedule. EBR runs on one sim platform - the iRacing Sim service.

Our premier series is the Early Bird Cup series with Fixed setups and a chase. The series will run a 14 race season starting February and lasting thru end of May.

The Early Bird Truck Series starts August and last thru November. The series will run a 12-14 race season. We will run one series per year with the Cup car and Truck.

The Indy 500 will be a yearly event using the Dallara IR18. (July)
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ActiveSeries NameURLStatsDescriptionCreatedNum Seasons
Yes Early Bird Indy 500 Early Bird indy 500 Jun 6, 2014 8
Yes Early Bird Truck Series Early Bird Truck Season Mar 13, 2014 8
Yes Early Bird Premier Cup Series Early Bird Premier Series Nov 16, 2013 9