League Series

A community of racers created out of the ashes of so many fallen leagues. The number one killer of leagues in iRacing is toxic behavior. We're bringing back an often forgotten mindset in iRacing; sportsmanship. We are a drivers run league and consistently work with them to make the community of drivers a better place. Come join us for some competitve racing! We race on Mondays @ 8:30pm est. Season starts March 6th.
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ActiveSeries NameURLStatsDescriptionCreatedNum Seasons
Yes Super Saturdays Saturday night superspeedway action in random lobbies with random drivers. All broadcasted at twitch.tv/raceaffinity. Sep 3, 2023 6
Yes League Showdown   May 18, 2023 1
Yes ARS|NEXTUP   Apr 4, 2023 3
Yes ARS|NEXTGEN   Feb 15, 2023 4