Clutch Racing Series takes to the track in mixed NASCAR racecars on Tuesday evenings. Sessions open at 7:30PM EST, Qualifying at 8:30 and Grid Time is 8:35PM EST. Most races are setup to be 70-75% of the full Xfinity race with our longest race being 250 miles.

There is a wide mix of skill level amongst the drivers which creates great racing throughout the field. Most drivers are in the Discord voice chat and the camaraderie is what brings each of us back every week. The main goal is to have a great time, with great people, and improve our skills as iRacers.

Please don't hesitate to apply. To join, message any admin with any questions or interest. We hope to see you on the track!

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Yes Clutch Racing Series Clutch Racing Series - Tuesday Nights starting at 7:30pm (est) We race weekly throughout the year as a fixed oval series. We have a deep connected community that loves all things racing. Feb 6, 2021 10