Last Man Standing Motorsports

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Last Man Standing Motorsports
Road Racing League featuring touring cars from GT3 and GTE classes as well as open wheel racing.
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ActiveSeries NameURLStatsDescriptionCreatedNum Seasons
Yes LMS Multi-Class East   Oct 1, 2021 1
Yes Wednesday Night Rookies Rookie and D Class Racing with Last Man Standing Sep 24, 2021 1
Yes LMP2 Series GTE Sports Car Series Sep 1, 2021 1
Yes True Cup Racing NASCAR Cup Series - Fixed Setups Jun 7, 2021 2
Yes LMS Mud Slingers Dirt Track Heat Racing May 11, 2021 2
Yes Friday Night Cup NASCAR Cup Series - Open Setups Feb 25, 2021 2
Yes Thursday Track Day Track Day Series - Fixed Setups Jan 16, 2021 3
Yes GTE Sports Car Series GTE Sports Car Series Dec 21, 2020 4
Yes GT3 Challenge Series GT3 Road Course Challenge Series Dec 12, 2020 3
No Dallara F3 Series Open Wheel Saturday, Dallara F3 Fixed Setups Feb 25, 2021 1
No Pro Mazda Series Open Wheel Saturday, Pro Mazda Fixed Setups Feb 25, 2021 1
No Indy Car Series Open Wheel Saturday, IndyCar IR18 Open Setups Feb 20, 2021 1
No Mix It Up New Track and New Cars Each Time we Run Dec 21, 2020 2