Dark Horse Racing Series

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Dark Horse Racing Series
Dark Horse Racing prides itself on clean racing, great drivers, and fierce competition. Building freindships through iRacing. We are racing the Dallara DW12 on ovals and road courses. Past champions include Henry Bennett, Robert Maleczka III, Nick DeGroot, and Charles Teed. This league continues to grow, attracting great drivers from all over the world. Races are Wednesday Nights, race session opens at 7:30PM EST - All races are broadcast by FlatOut Racing Network (FRN) on Youtube and rebroadcast the following week on ESTV. Special Thanks to our league sponsors - Troy Lee Designs, HyperX, Buttkicker, FRN, and ESTV. Please apply for our league at our website.
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ActiveSeries NameURLStatsDescriptionCreatedNum Seasons
Yes DarkHorse IR-01 F.A.R.T. ND Series IR-01 F.A.R.T. Apr 11, 2023 1
Yes Dark Horse DW12 Racing Series DW12 Series Sep 3, 2020 5