iSNF: iRacing Sunday Night Fever

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iSNF: iRacing Sunday Night Fever
iSNF: iRacing Saturday/Sunday Night Fever is a progression style multi-series league that has been around for well over a year now. Our league consists of mainly asphalt ovals, fixed setups, and we race Gander Trucks on Saturday evenings @ 5:30pm EST, Xfinity Cars on Saturday nights @ 8pm EST, Cup Series on Sunday evenings @ 5:30pm EST, and we will be bringing back our ARCA Series soon as well. We average anywhere from 30-43 cars per session, have a great group of guys, we have a lot of fun, and most guys stick around with us for a long time. We are live broadcasted for our iSNF: Busch Grand National (throwback) Series (Xfinity Cars) on Saturday nights, and our iSNF: Cup Series on Sunday evenings. Please contact Ria for details on how to get seated!
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ActiveSeries NameURLStatsDescriptionCreatedNum Seasons
Yes iSNF: Superspeedway Series     Dec 2, 2021 1
Yes iSNF: Cup Series     Jan 24, 2021 4
Yes iSNF: Xfinity Series     Nov 26, 2020 3
Yes iSNF: INDY Series   iSNF: INDY Series races on Saturday nights at 6pm ET. Anyone Class D License or Above may join. Although we are affiliated with the iSNF (iRacing Sunday Night Fever) League Franchise, we race on a separate night and race under different rules as the Sunday night series does. Aug 29, 2020 3
Yes iSNF: Truck Series   Aug 24, 2020 4
Yes iSNF: ARCA Series   Aug 9, 2020 6
No iSNF: Roots of NASCAR Series     Mar 14, 2021 1
No iSNF: C.P. Rivers Cup Series     iSNF's Top Elite Series Nov 26, 2020 0
No iSNF: Late Model Mondays Series     Nov 17, 2020 2
No iSNF: DiRT Series     Oct 20, 2020 1