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iSNF is a progression style multi-series league that has been established for almost 4 years. Our league consists of mainly asphalt ovals, the occasional road course, and fixed setups. We run 60% fuel capacity, realistic weather and solar positions, and we have been told by many that iSNF is the most realistic league in iRacing! Our league mission is to provide ANY iRacer an opportunity to race in a safe and fun league environment without the fear of facing discrimination. We are an International, all-inclusive, well-diverse league and welcome ANYONE no matter your disability, gender, race, nationality, age, orientation, belief, or background. The ARCA Series and Truck Series have no paint/sponsor restrictions, however, our Xfinity and Cup Series runs replica paints, numbers, teams true to current NASCAR. This helps create some of the most authentic racing in a league setting outside of a console game. Be sure to contact Ria Ferris for details!


iSNF: NextGen Cup Series on Saturdays at 5pm ET (broadcasted)
iSNF: Xfinity Series on Sundays @ 1pm ET,
iSNF: Truck Series on Sundays @ 6pm ET
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ActiveSeries NameURLStatsDescriptionCreatedNum Seasons
Yes iSNF: Cup Series     Jan 24, 2021 9
Yes iSNF: Xfinity Series     Nov 26, 2020 8
Yes iSNF: INDY Series     Aug 29, 2020 5
Yes iSNF: Truck Series   Aug 24, 2020 11