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Rolling Thunder
This league is ran by Rolling Thunder gaming and there admins. RTG is primarily a NR2003 based community and has now decided to branch off into Iracing Dirt. This is a Dirt Street Stock and pro2 lite dirt track league designed with beginners in mind using fixed setups. All you need is the basic membership plus 3 dirt tracks you will need to purchase (Knoxville, Lernerville and Volushia. We will run the 5 tracks this season. We will run each Friday night beginning January 3,2020. Server will open for practice at 8pm est. and Qualify at 8:30. A full race format will follow with heats, a single Consi if needed and A main. We will alternate which mod start the night out each week, but will run races with both mods each week.

Before Racing with us please read our rules here -

You can join us on TeamSpeak3 here
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TS PW: gofaster
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ActiveSeries NameURLStatsDescriptionCreatedNum Seasons
Yes RTG Big Modified Series   Dec 28, 2020 5
Yes Dirt Late Model Series This is a Pro Late Model Series using open setups which will be running all of the dirt tracks except Chili Bowl this season. We run each Friday night. Server will open for practice at 8pm est., drivers meeting is @ 8:10 and heats kick-off at 8:15. We accept any skill level in this series. Apr 29, 2020 6