Attrition: Sim Race Campus was founded in the summer of 2017 to bring like-minded and talented iRacers together to hone each other's racecraft. The league specializes in multi-class endurance racing for the beginner to pro. 2024s2 will be our 27th season!

Currently racing on Mondays at 21:00 et is the Oval Series (Gen 4 Cup) in 1/4 length races following the 2003 NASCAR season. On Tuesdays is our new Endurance Series following the official IMSA Endurance Series schedule. The sessions open at 21:00 et with a 30-minute practice, followed by a 30-minute open qualifying, then a 60-minute race.

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Yes Oval Series Presented by SM Racing! Features the Gen 4 Cup car running 1/4 length races following the NASCAR 2003 season for 2024s2 to 2024s4. Monday nights at 21:00 et! Dec 4, 2020 16