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Iron Thunder Racing League
Iron Thunder Racing League EST.2018 is a league comprised of three main series, the Premier Series which runs NASCAR Cup Cars on Tuesday nights at 9:00pm EST, the Rush Series which runs NASCAR Xfinity Cars on Monday nights at 9:00pm EST, and the Truck Series which runs the NASCAR Trucks on Tuesday nights. Check us out on our website at
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ActiveSeries NameURLStatsDescriptionCreatedNum Seasons
Yes Classic Series   Throwback series. The ITRL Classic Series throws it back to the Fixed 1987 NASCAR Cup cars on 6 tracks. Tuesdays at 9pm est. Wed June 10, 2020 2
Yes Arca Series   Fourth tier of the ITRL League. ITRL ARCA Series. Fixed arca car series on 7 tracks. Monday at 9pm est. Sat March 28, 2020 5
Yes Premier Series Exhibition Events   All-Star races, opens, duels, heats, and all preliminary races for the Iron Thunder Racing League. Thu March 28, 2019 8
Yes Truck Series   Third tier of the ITRL League. ITRL Truck Series. Fixed truck series. Tuesday nights at 9pm est. Fri February 22, 2019 7
Yes Rush Series   Second tier series of the ITRL League. ITRL Rush Series, an open Xfinity car on 11 tracks. Monday nights at 9pm est. Thu August 23, 2018 7
Yes Premier Series   Top tier of the ITRL League. ITRL Premier Series. Fixed cup car series 17 races. Tuesday nights at 9pm est. Fri May 18, 2018 8