This is season 2 and we will be running the Trucks

What does CFR stand for you may ask? Well, its for Center Force Racing. A small racing team built around the real laws and rules of racing and applying it to the simulation world of iRacing we all love and enjoy. Over the past couple of weeks the members of the team have been heavily involved in developing an interesting concept for a fun, enjoyable and successful league and we believe we have taken the right step towards that.
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ActiveSeries NameURLStatsDescriptionCreatedNum Seasons
Yes CFR Championhip Season 4   Jun 24, 2017 1
Yes Friday Night Lights Super late model Dec 6, 2016 1
Yes CFR Championship Season 3 Starting this season, we will be transitioning to the Xfinity car. After a great season 2, we look forward to seeing you all in Season 3! Oct 10, 2016 1