League Series

This league is here for the purpose of gathering good drivers and people together to have fun and hang out. We promote clean racing and sometimes reward it. This league is a free to race league. Most if not all of our races will be first come, first sever in the hosted section of iracing. Most if not ALL our races have some sort of payout.. There will be trophies and other awards as we grow. We will run mostly tournament style races with short heats and short-medium features. Sometimes we will run special events which could be anything at any track.
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ActiveSeries NameURLStatsDescriptionCreatedNum Seasons
Yes The Track Championship Series   This series was created to resemble your local short track style racing. Heats and a Feature to battle it out week after week for the payouts and points. Points will determine our 1st track champion after the 8 week series is finished. The Track Championship Series will only be available to our members. All the Track Championship Series servers will be in the hosted/tournament section of iRacing>>>>NOT THE LEAGUE SECTION The object of this series to to race at the same track with different conditions for a fair enough amount of weeks and keep track of points to determine who the best is. The Track Championship Series will run at many different tracks with different vehicles as time goes on. For this series there will be 2 heats, top 10 will qualify for the Feature. The heats will be fairly short with no cautions and unlimited resets. The Feature will be roughly 2.5 times the heats with limited fuel and only 1 reset, cautions on. Payouts for this series will be Top 3 in the weekly Features will get $5 iRacing credits, top 10 in the final series standings will be paid-out but is TBD. Mar 25, 2016 1
Yes $uper$peedway Tournament Series   This series is geared towards our SuperSpeedway fans with an occasional Michigan or AutoClub thrown in the mix. Tournament style racing with fixed setups, 3 heats top 10 advance to the Feature. This series will be open to all iracers. Servers will be in the hosted section of iRacing. 1st come, 1st serve. Short heats no cautions unlimited resets. Features will be roughly 2.5 times longer with cautions on and only 1 reset. Payout for the SuperSpeedway Tournament Series will be top 3 in the weekly Features get $5 iRacing credits. We will keep track of points for this series but there is no championship payout due to it will be a continuous series with no end in sight. Mar 25, 2016 1
Yes Points Championship   This series was created to cater towards the traditional iracer who likes to run a regular Practice/Qual/Race style server. The Points Champoinship is only available to members and WILL BE POSTED IN THE LEAGUE SECTION OF IRACING. This will be a 12 week season run in the xfinity car with fixed setups. This series will touch many different tracks with different conditions it should turn out to be a fun series. The payouts for the Points Championship will be top 3 each race will get $5 iRacing credits. The payout for the end of the season championship is still TBD. Mar 25, 2016 1