Sim Racer Hub

Sim Racer Hub

This site exists for the iRacing community to track league scoring.

Click here to browse current Leagues. Click the Contact link next to the league name if you would like to contact the league admin(s) about joining the league.

Each League will have at least one, and maybe more Series (you can also think of a Series as a "Division"). Each Series will have at least one, and maybe more Seasons. Each Season will have its own schedule and standings. A Championship can link multiple seasons together within a series, to display overall standings across the selected seasons.

Use of this scoring site is FREE to the iRacing community. If you would like to track your league standings here, just fill out the form below. This site is being updated reqularly to add new features or anything else that helps your league, so comments or suggestions (no matter how trivial they may seem) are always welcome. When you submit the form, your league will be created and a password will be emailed to you, which you can change after logging in.

This site is not tied to your iRacing account in any way. You will never be asked to enter your iRacing password, and your email address will never be shared with anyone and will not be visible anywhere on the site.

If you ever decide to move your league to another scoring site or to have backups, you can always export your schedule, race results, and standings in a CSV format.
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